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Need to improve your gender balance? Here’s an instant solution

Need to improve your gender balance? Here’s an instant solution

Mark.Freed / 10 Dec 2019

Need to improve your gender balance? Here’s an instant solution

Lots of research and analysis has focused on gender diversity. A recent Harvard Business Review article, for example, goes in to some detail about how to recruit more women to your company.

It starts by citing LinkedIn research suggesting that over three-quarters of ‘talent professionals’ highlight diversity as a top hiring priority for their companies – and gender diversity, in particular.

That’s clearly great news (as long as they are telling the truth of course) particularly as the article also suggests that although fewer women apply for jobs than men, they are more likely to be the right candidates.

It then explores ways that companies can more effectively reach these great female candidates. They are good ideas that I’m sure you’ve heard before, such as more inclusive language and posting salary ranges. The drawback is that they won’t solve anything quickly – and progress towards gender parity has already been too slow for too long. 

The reason these solutions are not as productive as they might be is that they all assume women go about changing jobs in the same way as men and will, therefore, read the advert. We have found that a high percentage of our members are not looking today, which means they don’t actually see the advert to be attracted by its inclusive words and salary range. 

They even tell us they are put off by the whole recruitment process and don’t use or reply to the traditional approaches. For them, it’s a last resort to take a call from a recruiter, respond to an advert or upload a CV. They prefer to work with trusted partners, such as E2W, who support them through the lifecycle of their careers and have a mission to champion them.  

That’s why so many financial services companies are now using E2W to help them source great female candidates that, more often than not, turn out to be the best for the job, team and firm.

So, if you have a role and want great female candidates for it, get us involved. It’s as easy as a phone call (01732 897722). Or, just drop me a note on LinkedIn.


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