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Recruitment Solutions

Charlie Brooks, Head of Recruitment, Janus Henderson: “We knew that doing things in the same old way would produce the same results. So we looked for a new diversity recruitment partner. There are a lot of agencies claiming to be able to put forward female candidates. E2W had a different approach based on their community of senior women working in our industry.  We created a partnership with them. Since our partnership begun E2W have proven that they can provide us with great female talent for the roles we have released to them and we have made a number of senior appointments from their candidates. ”

Drawing on our membership network, we are able to introduce highly capable, professional female candidates for roles in our areas of focus. We are committed to bringing gender diversity to the forefront of recruitment strategies and our clients are, too. Our clients recognise that, to achieve this, they need to implement recruitment strategies with a true emphasis on diversity – and are committed to doing so with E2W right behind them.  

We offer a number of solutions:

  • Embedded Diversity Recruitment Team - For high volume clients we place one of our team at our client site.  Working alongside our clients recruitment teams we ensure opportunities to meet talented, capable female candidates for every open vacancy are maximised. 
  • Retained Searches - for very senior or niche roles we offer a full search service designed to work alongside traditional search firms. We offer a number of commercial options, all with an element based on a successful placement. Options also include a price per qualified candidate. 
  • Contingent - for mid and senior tier roles we offer clients who have a diversity recruitment strategy commercial terms based solely on success.  Our ability to source not just qualified and capable female candidates but make placements is well proven.  
  • Promoted – for associate and VP level roles we offer clients who are committed to diversity the opportunity to have E2W advertise their vacancies via our website and our newsletters.  

Our areas of focus are permanent and contract roles in: 

  • Investment Banking Front Office – Sales, Origination, Structuring, Trading and Trade Support
  • Investment Management Front Office – Client Management, Portfolio Management, Trading & Trade Support
  • Other Front Office - Client Management, Support, 
  • Middle and Back Office Operations
  • Regulatory, legal and compliance functions
  • Financial and Non-Financial Risk – Market, Liquidity, Counterparty, Operational  
  • Business Change 
  • Technology

Being an attractive place for women to pursue careers and being known as one are not always the same thing. E2W help you attract the best diverse talent by developing and distributing your diversity story and employer value proposition. 

Developing content

  • A short answer to the question: women want to work here because…  this can be used in the headers of job descriptions or adverts when recruiting via diverse sources for example.
  • A longer answer to the question: women stay here and succeed because… An Employer Value Proposition that can be provided to diverse candidates that gives a description of working practices and culture, as well as real life stories, that reinforces and explains your commitment to them. 
  • PR and Brand – Developing content aimed at creating a positive diverse employer reputation. This includes positive news and inspiring stories about your success as well as ensuring that mandatory reporting like Gender Pay Gap reports are building your brand reputation.

Distributing content

Content that has been designed to build a positive brand image amongst your future female employees is useless unless it’s visible to them. E2W’s community represent the largest pool of female talent. We can get your messages read by them.   


We help our clients to retain more female employees by supporting them to implement positive and inclusive culture and working practices that create a flexible and supportive environment where everyone can contribute, be recognised and reach their full potential. Firms where people can bring themselves to work and succeed on merit.

Typically, our initial engagement will be a short study or series of workshops taking a holistic, structured approach to assess where you are in your diversity journey as a firm in comparison to industry best practice, and allows us to produce a report focusing on what you are already achieving and what needs improvement.

The report will detail a bespoke proposal for your firm, outlining how your business compares with industry leaders and, if needed, suggestions and strategies to get your business functioning as a Diversity and Inclusion leader with a framework that will enable you to meet your goals.

Members of our community have benefitted from a wide range of learning and development programmes including coaching and events. Our clients are recognising the distinct focussed value that these bring our members and are recreating them for their own staff. 

We’d be delighted to discuss recreating or providing bespoke programmes to enhance or run alongside existing initiatives. 

Project and Business Process Outsourcing

Sometimes, outsourcing projects can be expensive and risky. Offshore options can create multiple problems – time zones, language, culture, accessibility – whilst suppliers closer to home may be expensive or simply not have the skills or experience required to undertake your projects. Our outsourcing services not only eliminate each of these challenges, but provide the best resources for the job by utilising the skills and experience available within our membership network

As well as proactively recruiting women into senior positions with our clients , we also employ some members directly as part of our Project and Business Process Outsourcing team. Our membership network boasts a community of highly skilled, experienced and professional women from the country’s leading financial institutions – and they’re ready to help you.

Outsourcing in this way provides opportunity for many of our members who are looking for flexible and agile working that allows them to continue careers in an industry that they know and are passionate about, whilst enabling financial institutions to benefit from the expertise and experience they provide.

Meet Amanda, an E2W member who chose to continue her career with us following a career break

How Outsourcing with E2W can help financial institutions:

  • Cost – our outsourcing solutions are highly competitive and offer a new and exciting alternative for project-based work and business as usual. We can often reduce costs by as much as 50%.
  • Skill shortage – we harness unique talent that may otherwise have been lost to the industry.
  • Scalability/availability – the flexibility of our members means we can scale as needed.
  • Resources – our offices are deliberately located close to the key financial centres in New York, London and Singapore, and offer a full service working environment which is cost effective and convenient to our members.
  • Offshore alternative – partnering with E2W eliminates the challenges and risks associated with traditional offshore providers.