Talent Solutions – helping you make it happen.

E2W work with Financial Institutions who are committed to receiving the benefits of improved gender diversity. Recruiting more women into senior positions is vital if these benefits are to be received. We understand that it can be difficult to recruit women into senior roles.  But we know it’s not impossible, and we can help you make it happen. 

Drawing on our membership network we are often able to introduce highly capable female candidates that would not be found by more traditional recruitment partners. We are also able to advise and support on putting in place diversity recruitment strategies that ensure aspirations become reality.

With our help many of our clients have become leaders in the diversity journey and are now confidently targeting a 50/50 gender split at all levels and in all departments in the next few years. And, they are being rewarded with the competitive edge as a result.

Our Candidates

Many of our candidates will be E2W Members. We know them, as we are already giving them career support to help them achieve their aspirations. We know their skills and their aspirations and work with them when they are looking for a career move to help them secure suitable roles with firms that want and appreciate their skills. Many Members rely on us to help them secure roles and do not use traditional agencies. 

Our Members

Our Members are all professional women working at VP level and above with a broad range of experience, gained from working in major financial institutions.  

They are most likely to be experts in one of the following areas and could be looking for permanent or contract roles.

  • Investment Banking Front Office – Sales, Origination, Structuring, Trading and Trade Support
  • Investment Management Front Office – Client Management, Portfolio Management, Trading & Trade Support
  • Other Front Office - Client Management, Support, 
  • Middle and Back Office Operations
  • Regulatory, legal and compliance functions
  • Financial and Non-Financial Risk – Market, Liquidity, Counterparty, Operational  
  • Business Change 
  • Technology

Project and Business Process Outsourcing

Do you really need it done in the City or on Wall Street? Do offshore options create problems and too much risk?

By employing our members directly, E2W can provide Project and Business Process Outsourcing close to your offices from our locations near to London, New York and Singapore.

E2W’s outsourcing service can help by addressing:

  • Cost – our outsourcing solutions are highly competitive and offer a new and exciting alternative for project-based work and business as usual. We can often reduce costs by as much as 50%.
  • Skill shortage – we harness unique talent that may otherwise have been lost to the industry.
  • Scalability/availability – the flexibility of our members means we can scale as needed.
  • Resources – our offices are deliberately located close to the key financial centres in New York, London and Singapore, and offer a full service working environment which is cost effective and convenient to our members.
  • Offshore alternative – partnering with E2W eliminates the challenges and risks associated with traditional offshore providers, including time zone, language, culture and accessibility.

Our outsourcing solution enables the section of our Membership who wish to make a positive choice about working in a different way to do so. These members are often looking for flexible and agile working in a location that is not the City or Wall Street . Our members have experience working in major financial institutions, understand the business and have significant expertise across the industry.

Our Project and Business Process Outsourcing Solutions provide a means by which our members can continue careers in an industry that they are passionate about, and the opportunity for financial institutions to benefit from improved business outcomes. This is why we are the go-to place for women in financial services and for financial institutions wishing to claim the gender dividend.

Sales & Research

For nearly twenty years, E2W have been providing sales and research services to help financial services and technology firms reduce their cost of sale, enter new markets armed with real, validated information and increase revenue.

Our sales and research services are delivered from our offices near to New York, London and Singapore. This allows the section of our membership who wish to make a positive choice about working in a different way to do so - these members are often looking for flexible and agile working in a location that is not the City or Wall Street. They have experience working in major financial institutions, understand the business and have signficant expertise across the industry, 

A core characteristic of the financial markets is that there are an identifiable and manageable number of people responsible for the largest proportion of the spend – and sales people are busy, understandably focusing their attention on those who are buying today.

Our core Sales Service looks after the rest by building, maintaining and sustaining relationships with the buyers of tomorrow, ready for when they enter their buying cycle, at which time they are handed to you.

Our clients can attribute a large percentage of their new and ongoing business to the work we do, and justify retaining us year after year as they successfully reduce their cost of sale and/or increase their revenue.

Our Research service helps you to identify, qualify and understand new markets by ensuring you get the information you need to make informed business decisions.

Instead of using guesswork, you can base your choices on up-to-the-minute facts, resulting in increased success without the associated risk.

Simply put, our Discovery and Understanding service is the provision of insight and intelligence that enable you to make informed business choices. Strategies are not created from thin air: they are the result of investigation, analysis and interpretation. We provide you with essential, fact-based research, straight from the people who matter – your potential clients.

We engage with key people, your clients and potential clients, gathering both quantitative and qualitative data. In helping you understand their current position, needs, motivations, decisions and actions, you can make informed business, product and market decisions as a result.