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E2W is a community of women in Financial Services. Our community is a supportive and progressive group, enabling and encouraging our members to grow and thrive with their careers. Being part of our membership allows you to network, learn, mentor and coach one another. Everything we do, is to support you and your career. 

Why join us?

Becoming a member of E2W gives you a host of benefits designed to help you develop your career, enhance your professional network and achieve your ambitions. For just £75 a year you will receive:

  • Networking and collaboration opportunities with hundreds of your female peers across Corporate & Investment Banking and Asset Management
  • A mentorship scheme where you can be supported by one of our experienced members – or volunteer your time to help others
  • An Alpha Challengers group for members with less than ten years’ industry experience dedicated to helping the next generation of female leaders to flourish and progress in their careers
  • An Industry Leaders group for members in senior roles to share insights, ideas and best practices.
  • Exclusive E2W events where you can learn from other members and external experts, as well as having the opportunity to expand your network in a friendly and supportive environment
  • Private WhatsApp and LinkedIn Groups to chat, share ideas and network with other members
  • Opportunities to raise your profile by contributing at one of our community events or sharing your story
  • A free 20-minute career consultation with our experienced coach
  • Access to job opportunities from firms that are committed to supporting your career and helping you reach your potential
  • An easy way to make a difference by supporting our nominated charity The Young Women's Trust through donations or volunteering
  • The opportunity to drive change by helping us continue to champion diversity within the industry.

Just click here to find out more or call +44 (0) 20 8078 2100 to discuss membership with our team.


Many members of our community like to assist our work by making additional contributions that allow us to do even more to support and champion women in their financial services careers.

If you have progressed in your career and would like to help more women succeed, please just use the box on the right to make a donation.

Click here for more details of membership
or call: +44 20 8078 2093

Membership provides

Raising your profile and visibility is an important part of our working life, but one we tend to shy away from, neglect, or believe the quality of our work should speak for itself.  We often dislike self-promotion, however there are many ways we can successfully raise our visibility that ensures we can meet our career aspirations and personal goals. 

You have something inspiring to share – sharing your story provides the opportunity for you to celebrate your highs and lows, your successes and your strategies for overcoming the barriers. Our most popular blogs and news stories are often those written by our members and are a great way for them to raise their profiles. 

We provide opportunities for members to participate as speakers and contributors at many of our events. Sharing your industry knowledge and career experiences at these events is a great way to increase your reputation amongst your peers.  

E2W events, whilst providing an opportunity to network and socialise, are focused on helping and supporting our members to learn about new and interesting developments in the industry or develop personally in a safe environment. 

The events, although occasionally including an external contributor, are typically by members, for members –  join a mutually supportive membership network.

When you become an E2W member, we offer you the opportunity to evaluate your career with our specialist career coach

Our coaching services are designed to support women in their aspirations and development. We understand that coaching is a two-way relationship and will always have your best interests in mind. We are proud to support you in your ambitions and share in the excitement of your success.

We help you articulate your valuable skills, provide support and encouragement in new challenges, and envision the 'future you'. 

As a member, you will continue to receive information from E2W on vacancies that we’re helping to recruit for: benefit from career opportunities and positions available from firms that recognise the value of a balanced workplace. We offer guidance, support, and advice along the way to ensure you approach career moves with confidence.  

Alpha Challengers is a supportive network of likeminded, ambitious young women working in CIB and Asset Management sectors and the sectors that directly support them, who want to increase their business connections with likeminded individuals working in the industry.

We support Alpha Challengers by developing their personal skills and industry knowledge to enable them to fulfil their potential and reach their ambitions.

Alpha Challengers are, where appropriate and possible, provided with a mentor from the wider E2W Membership and also help mentor young women wishing to enter the industry through our connections with Universities.

Alpha Challengers stand up for better diversity, culture and working practices at all levels in the industry.

E2W run two mentor schemes, to support our members. The first scheme, matches the more experienced and senior women in our membership who are keen to mentor our Alpha Challengers. In turn our Alpha Challengers mentor young women graduating from university who are wishing to pursue a career in Financial services.

Keeping brilliant women in senior leadership requires focus on menopause

Keeping brilliant women in senior leadership requires focus on menopause

katie.robertson / 06 May 2024

E2W and Men for Inclusion have worked with and been a keen supporter of Kate Usher, Menopause & Gender Equity Consultant, Speaker, Trainer & Author. We are delighted to be sharing her thought leadership on our blogs. KEEPING BRILLIANT WOMEN IN SENIOR LEADERSHIP REQUIRES FOCUS ON...

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