Why Join Us?

Focused networking on relevant business topics, collaborating, gaining support and guidance are some of the E2W cornerstones of achieving success, all of which can be found within our membership.  

As an E2W member, a £50.00 / $75.00 annual subscription, gives you access to a range of exclusive opportunities.  

  • Join one of our business teams to network with like-minded industry professionals, learn about industry hot topics and share your experiences; 
  • Attend E2W events
  • Have a no obligation 15 minute consultation with E2W’s experienced career coach; and 
  • Job opportunities 

We believe in fostering a community where women can learn from and be inspired by one another and welcome you to take part.

We strive to bring the gender diversity case to the forefront of City employers’ recruitment strategies.  Help us drive change within the industry through participation – make use of the opportunities available to you, work to inspire other women, and motivate your organisation to collaborate with E2W. 

We believe that by working with you, other individuals, and our corporate clients, real progress can be made. 

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or call: UK +44 1732 897723 / US +1 973 993 4387

Membership provides

Align yourself with one of the business teams relevant to you, a place to learn and discuss with others in your area of expertise. The current groups are: 

  • Front Office, 
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Regulation & Business Change, 
  • Technology, and 
  • Gender & Diversity. 

The E2W membership is a community of professionals who can benefit from one another’s experiences, and there are regular events hosted at various locations across the City to allow relationships to be forged.

At these events, members share knowledge, address challenges, and discuss ideas in a trusted environment. 

When you become an E2W member, we offer you the opportunity to evaluate your career with our specialist career coach.  
Our career coach can provide you with practical advice and guidance to help you articulate your value, and to support you in your career aspirations and development. This includes: 

  • Career evaluation,
  • CV reviews,
  • Interview preparation, and
  • Positioning. 

This service combined with a career coach on hand, equips you to make the right career decisions. 

As a member, you will continue to receive information from E2W on vacancies that we’re helping to recruit for: benefit from career opportunities and positions available from firms that recognise the value of a balanced workplace. We offer guidance, support, and advice along the way to ensure you approach career moves with confidence.  

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Goldman Sachs leading the way in recruiting more women

Goldman Sachs leading the way in recruiting more women

Mark Freed / 15 Oct 2018

Goldman Sachs is making the news at the moment as CEO of 12 years Lloyd Blankfein steps down and hands over the reins of this behemoth of investment banking to David Solomon.  But I would like to bring your attention to something else, something that really matters to us at...

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