We are the go-to place for women in financial services, and have been representing their interests since 2002.

E2W has links to over 7,000 women working in mid and senior positions in London, New York and Singapore. We provide support to members of our community through our membership, offering coaching and career advice – aiming to help women achieve their career aspirations, whatever they may be. We hold business focused events designed to help members collaborate and network. Many of our members have benefitted from priority access to career opportunities.

We are the go-to place for financial institutions to collect the gender dividend. Recognising the business and social case for improved gender diversity within their firms, financial institutions come to E2W to help them recruit more women.

These same institutions are committed to maintaining the talent pool of women in the industry, and because it makes good business sense to do so, outsource small projects and business-as-usual work for our small army of ‘women continuers’ to deliver.

We are proud to support women in their aspirations, and in turn help the industry diversify and benefit from the contribution of talented women.

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Anne Hargreaves always knew what she wanted to do, and she did it.

Anne Hargreaves always knew what she wanted to do, and she did it.

Mark Freed / 19 Jan 2018

As part of our Vote100 series on women’s careers, Anne Hargreaves walks us through her successful career in Technology at some of the leading investment banks, shares her views on women in this sector and explains how so many of the skills learnt are transferable. Unlike many people,...

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