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Project Business Process Outsourcing

Giving hundreds of talented people the opportunity to continue their careers at a time in their lives when they have other priorities to juggle was the building block of E2W’s Business. For almost two decades city institutions have relied on these E2W talented ‘continuers’ to deliver projects and business as usual processes – cost effectively and professionally. It is perhaps one of the most overlooked scalable talent pools in the sector. Here at E2W we have harnessed the potential of these people and they have become a core element of our outsourcing business. 

Sometimes, outsourcing projects can be expensive and risky. Offshore options can create multiple problems – time zones, language, culture, accessibility – whilst suppliers closer to home may be expensive or simply not have the skills or experience required to undertake your projects. Our outsourcing services not only eliminate each of these challenges, but provide the best resources for the job by utilising the skills and experience available within our membership network.

As well as proactively recruiting women into senior positions with our clients, we also employ some members directly as part of our Project and Business Process Outsourcing team. Our membership network boasts a community of highly skilled, experienced and professional women from the country’s leading financial institutions – and they’re ready to help you.

Outsourcing in this way provides an opportunity for many of our members who are looking for flexible and agile working that allows them to continue careers in an industry that they know and are passionate about, whilst enabling financial institutions to benefit from the expertise and experience they provide.

How Outsourcing with E2W can help financial institutions:

  • Cost – our outsourcing solutions are highly competitive and offer a new and exciting alternative for project-based work and business as usual. We can often reduce costs by as much as 50%.
  • Skill shortage – we harness unique talent that may otherwise have been lost to the industry.
  • Scalability/availability – the flexibility of our members means we can scale as needed.
  • Resources – our offices are deliberately located close to the key financial centres in New York, London and Singapore, and offer a full service working environment which is cost effective and convenient to our members.
  • Offshore alternative – partnering with E2W eliminates the challenges and risks associated with traditional offshore providers.

We have access to amazing women, looking to contnue their careers, accross these areas  : 

  • Investment Banking Front Office – Sales, Origination, Structuring, Trading and Trade Support
  • Investment Management Front Office – Client Management, Portfolio Management, Trading & Trade Support
  • Other Front Office - Client Management, Support, 
  • Middle and Back Office Operations
  • Regulatory, legal and compliance functions
  • Financial and Non-Financial Risk – Market, Liquidity, Counterparty, Operational  
  • Business Change 
  • Technology

The following are examples of how we matched some amazing people with a client challange.

Transferable Skills

Our client needed someone to help launch a transaction reporting service,  that was 10 years ago. It is now a multimillion pound global revenue stream. Our role is to help deliver a demonstrable return on marketing spend whilst strengthening client relationships and building pipeline for the sales teams.

We quickly became an embedded part of the sales and marketing team and process. The current E2W team member delivering the work is Melanie.  Melanie worked in fixed income treasury divisions in 3 global investment banks, before taking a  career break. She began her career at UBS in Operations, resolving failed trades and analysing and documenting costs and root cause, before moving to Morgan Stanley into the middle office, globally heading up the support function for an FX desk. She subsequently joined JP Morgan Chase’s product management team cross-selling the bank’s capabilities to the Global Investor Services client base. Her strong product background and client focus are a perfect fit for this role.


Job Shares – 3 into 1.5 + Transferable Skills

Our client wanted to improve the first line of support for key clients, ensuring that inbound support calls and web enquiries were answered and dealt with in a professional and intelligent way that matched their own brand and reputation.  The support desk needed to be covered at all times from 8am-6pm. 

Our solution was to offer three amazing E2W members the opportunity for a three way job share.

Kate worked at Bank of America and JP Morgan in the cash management divisions, focusing on client services and investigations.  She additionally worked at Anglo Irish Bank as a portfolio assistant, returning to Bank of America to assume a supervisory role in charge of rectifying any unresolved payments, overseeing a team of 8 and reporting finding to management. Her ability to understand process and to multi-task ensures success in the client service team.

Jane has 16 years of front office experience in derivatives sales and trading based at Nomura and TP ICAP, before leaving the financial services industry. She has a proven aptitude to build and maintain relationships at all levels. With her ability to prioritise, and utilising her strong client focus and communication skills she ensures client queries are resolved or escalated as necessary. 

Maxine has 35 years of FX trading experience across a number of tier 1 banks, reaching Director level. She is skilled in Foreign Exchange (FX) Capital Markets, OTC, Trading Systems, Bloomberg, ECN’s, and regulation in financial markets contributing relevant knowledge to the client service team.


Subject Matter Experts

Of course sometimes our client need specific skill sets and back-grounds.  Fortunately with the reach we have into our membership network we are able to find some very specialist people across a range of disciplines.

Client Experience Manager

This specialised role is to review current processes with the aim of setting strategy to improve the whole client experience.

Lesley has 30 years of change management working in the financial services industry with policy and product knowledge. She has focused on regulation, completing audit analysis to ensure compliance. Over the last few years Lesley has moved into cyber security and is never afraid to take on a challenge. She is able to bridge the gap between technology and the business to instigate change to improve the client experience.


Incident and Communications Manager

This specialised role involves the implementation of a set of procedures and processes which are used to manage and resolve technical incidents with a focus on high severity and critical incidents. Using the ITIL framework this role covers a range of responsibilities including how incidents are detected, remediated and communicated. This role has strong associations with client service management, problem management, change management and continuous service improvement.

Maxine is an IT Service Management specialist with over 25 years in the financial sector. Most recently she spent 10 years within technology for Deutsche Bank and as a Vice President she led global support teams in providing technical support for financial applications. She is experienced in resolving complex issues, identifying and mitigating potentials risks to ensure smooth delivery of company processes in addition to managing support teams. This skillset combined with a focus on customer service ensures that Maxine has the experience to fully deliver this role to a high standard.


Assurance Manager

This specialised role involves responding to client RFIs, security questionnaires and completing KYC checks.

Talenta has 25 years of financial services experience. Her career was initially based in investment banking operations, before running front office support at Old Mutual Global Investors. With her strong operational background and ability to understand and explain processes she moved into relationship management. After a short career break, Talenta transitioned into risk and compliance working as a senior vice president, where being analytically minded she has proven success in strategically advising on risk management strategies, to mitigate operational, regulatory and security risks and devising and embedding robust procedures to reduce exposure.  Her client communication skills and expertise in the security risk field are the required background for this specialised role.


Since the announcement of MiFID II, the London Stock Exchange were faced with a massive challenge. They would have to issue and provide support services for LEIs ( Legal Entitiy Identifiers) on a vastly increased scale. 

With the deadline for entities to comply with MiFID II fast approaching, the volumes of applications for LEIs were set to peak in Q4 2017. The existing team, already trying hard to cope with the existing volumes, would have to deliver to the same high standards with the massively increased volumes. Additional support was urgently needed.

The LSE had five priorities: -

  • Time: The resources needed to be in place and running in a matter of days.
  • Expertise: The team needed to be built up of people who could quickly grasp the minute details of the LEI process, that would be reliably delivered to a high standard.
  • Scaleability: It was unsure where or when the volumes would peak. Resources needed to be turned up and down quickly.  
  • Trust: the LSE needed experienced people who could be trusted to do the work and represent the LSE brand. 
  • Cost: Margins were tight – The LSE did not have a blank cheque book.

The LEI team learnt about E2W through a contact at the Exchange who has been working with us for almost a decade. We have a unique business model that delivered against the five priorites.  We have built a unique talent pool of women (and men) who are looking for alternative ways to continue their careers in the City. Many of them also have other ‘life’ priorities, meaning they needed flexibility but would also work hard to achieve the LSE's aims. At E2W, we ticked all the boxes. 

The E2W LEI desk was up and running in a matter of days. The team chosen were trusted, knew the landscape and could represent the LSE.

The storm passed over without any major challenges. In fact, the LSE were inundated with compliments from customers about our team:- 

“I have honestly been so impressed by you. You have far exceeded my expectations and I cannot thank you enough for helping me get this through – you’re a real asset to LSE.“

“So, feedback about Molly: she is very congenial, very helpful, and a credit to your organisation. I should be grateful if you would kindly pass this on to her.”

“I spoke with one of your team this morning. She was incredibly helpful and really informative in respect of the questions I had. Genuinely a pleasure speaking with her, it’s a rare experience nowadays.” 

A year on and the E2W team have become a core part of the LEI delivery team.