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Supporting your development

While our community is a big part of E2W, we also provide our members with individual support. We want to help you develop your skills, so you can achieve your ambitions.

That’s why we offer a range of coaching services that can make it easier for you to articulate what you offer, encourage you to take on new challenges and give you a way to envision the 'future you'.

This can start with the exclusive member benefit of a free career status review that will explore where you are right now and where you want to be in future. It means we can help you decide if coaching is right for you – and if it is, which programme is best suited to your current needs.

Interested in learning more? Please give Katie a call on +44 20 8078 2093 to discuss the next steps.

Kat Hutchings: Working with leaders to transform their careers and business results

Kat Hutchings

Kat is a Career Coach who works with successful, driven professionals to identify their perfect-fit next career move and build high performance teams through authentic leadership.

Kat has held various leadership roles in Financial Services and has latterly developed her coaching practice over the last 4 years, working with leaders to transform their careers and business results.

Immediate answers – one off strategy session (90 mins via Skype)

If you have a specific question to answer, for example:

  • Should I take redundancy?
  • Should I go for the interview?
  • Should I ask for a pay rise?
  • Should I leave my current firm?

Kat will help you identify the key drivers that will help you make this decision. You’ll walk away with clarity and an action plan.

From £450.00 inc. VAT

Career Coaching programme – 4 sessions (60 mins via Skype)

Kat specialises in helping people who are having a ‘my current role isn’t right, but I don’t know what I want to do next’ moment. Ideal for people who have a proven track record in leadership but know they could be doing MORE.

This is the programme for you if you’re unfulfilled in your current role, frustrated, bored, overwhelmed or disengaged.

Kat's 3 step model helps you to work out your passions, skills & experiences and personal values – this insight helps you to reconnect with what you’re exceptional at and where you can add most value. Kat then supports you to leverage your existing network to make a confident and decisive next career move.

This includes unlimited access to Kat by email during the coaching period for ongoing input as you progress, so you feel truly supported. 

From £1,800.00 inc. VAT

Leadership performance programme – 4 sessions (60 mins via Skype)

Kat works with leaders to enhance their leadership skills, including creating a strategy & vision, building confidence, creating an authentic leadership style, navigating internal politics, stakeholder management, presenting at Board and developing a high performing team through coaching & collaboration.

Perfect if you’re stepping up into a new or evolving leadership role and want to be exceptional.

This includes unlimited access to Kat by email during the coaching period for ongoing input as you progress, so you feel truly supported. 

From £1,800.00 inc. VAT

Coaching programme extension with Kat

Coaching programme extension:

Existing clients who have completed an 8 session programme can continue working with Kat for a further 4 sessions at the lower investment of £1200. 

From £1,200.00 inc. VAT
Alpha – Careers Club

Alpha – Careers Club

Following the success of our first five Alpha Career Clubs  – We are launching the sixth Virtual Career Club in June 2021.

The club will meet weekly, in addition to a self-support group our we will be on hand to give advice and help members of the club to get their careers back on track.

The topics covered include: Value Propositions, CV’s & LinkedIn, Networking & Using the Technology, Planning , Interview Preparation.  

The Clubs meet ‘virtually’ every Monday at 14:00 starting on Monday 7th June.


Alpha – Careers Club

E2W Members – Register to join the club now. There is a small charge of £45.00 to join the club. The club is open to E2W Members only. You can become an E2W Member by following this link.  

From £45.00 inc. VAT
Sonia Minards - Insight Counselling: Bespoke psychotherapeutic programmes

Sonia Minards - Enabling you to develop insight and gain resilience to transform your personal & professional lives

Bespoke therapeutic programmes to address challenges in your personal & professional lives & the interplay between the two

I’m passionate about supporting my clients to realise their potential, build resilience, and learn more about what maybe holding them back.

I specialise in working with professional women, helping them manage the interactive relationship between work and personal lives, and the many challenges they can face. Including:



  • Navigating competitive and / or male-dominated environments
  • Building confidence and addressing imposter syndrome
  • Negotiating work and personal relationships
  • Finding a work-life balance
  • Dissatisfaction and loss of meaning
  • Emotional challenges, including stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and attacks on your self esteem

How I work

Each therapeutic programme is bespoke to your unique situation, challenges, and hopes. I believe in working with the unique needs and hopes of each client. I provide an open, non-judgemental space, combining compassion and challenge to help you question your assumptions and face your blocks.

We can work together for a specific period or on an open-ended basis, we can explore which approach is most appropriate for your situation as we begin our work together.

Why work with me?

Before training as a counsellor & therapist, I spent two decades working as a senior professional in large global financial services organisations. I am keenly aware of both the rewards and pressures on female professionals. The impact these can have on your personal relationships, and the feelings of burnout, exhaustion, confusion and disillusionment that can arise as a result. 

I’m passionate about working with my clients to bring clarity and insight to challenges they may be facing to ultimately transform and thrive.

Introductory call with Sonia

Introductory call to explore how I may be able to support you, and how we can best work together.


Insight Bespoke Therapeutic Programme

My bespoke therapeutic programmes are designed to address challenges in your personal & professional lives & the interplay between the two. We will work for a specific period or open ended, depending on your needs & goals.

At times life can be challenging for all of us, and for many never more so than right now…

Are you wondering how you can support your mental and emotional wellbeing through this period of uncertainty, change, and distress?

Do you want to invest in your mental performance to develop resilience, enabling you to work through periods of change, challenge or stuckness professionally and personally?

I specialise in helping to bring clarity and insight to such situations to help you move forward in the best possible way.

Each therapeutic programme is bespoke to your unique needs, challenges, and hopes. We will work at depth to:

  • Explore and address personal and professional challenges and blocks in your life - past, present and future
  • Define the issue and understand the cause of any patterns, thoughts, and behaviours that may be limiting and impacting you at home, at work, and in your relationships
  • Develop and practice tools to enable you to transform embedded thoughts and behaviours
  • Move forwards in a more integrated way, helping you become more focused, resilient, enabling you to make improved personal and professional choices
From £150.00 inc. VAT

Insight One Off Sessions

Sometimes we need extra support. A one-off session is available to any existing or previous clients to support you through critical moments. This may be proactive ahead of an upcoming change or significant event, or in response to a specific issue.

From £240.00 inc. VAT
Dr Alessandra Wall: Bridging the Gap between where you are and where you want to be

About Dr Alessandra Wall

I specialize in working with professional women who aren’t showing up the way they want to. My clients are smart, savvy, successful professionals in key senior and leadership roles. Despite all their talent, drive, and hard work, these women feel undervalued, overwhelmed and lack the confidence to consistently do what’s right for them.

My clients are frustrated by their inability to speak up or have the impact they know they can have. These extraordinary women are at a place where they leave work feeling stressed, unfulfilled, even anxious and may be considering leaving their firms or their fields altogether.

My coaching process is simple and effective:

Introductory Call with Alessandra

We schedule a 20-minute call  to discuss what is going on in your life and explore how I can support you. 


Deep Dive Strategy session

We will talk for a 60 or 90-minute Deep Dive Strategy (DDS) session. This session can be a stand alone coaching opportunity, but is often the first in a longer coaching relationship.

In the DDS session you will get: 

  • A clear picture of where you are and where you want be
  • A list of current roadblocks/obstacles
  • Practical recommendations for steps you can take on your own to show up differently
  • A risk assessment should you choose to not take action of any kind
  • A list of options for you to follow through and reach your stated goals
  • Back to Me e-book (4-week better self care program)
From £520.00 inc. VAT

The Focus Map Programme

The Focus Map Programme (3.0) is a process designed to build awareness, define right-for-you, and create a clear focus for your career.

This month-long programme is designed for women who want to pivot professionally and feel unsure about what they need or where they should be focusing their efforts.

  • The Focus Map 3.0 combines at-home independent work and one-to-one coaching.
  • Start by completing the Focus Map coaching tool and define what your ideal career and life look like.
  • Meet twice (90-minute sessions) over the course of a month to draft a clear list of needs and create actionable goals.

Upon the conclusion of this month, you will be able to confidently articulate your needs and set goals to express them in clear and realistic ways. You will also be able to answer two simple but daunting questions: “What makes me happy?” and “What should I do next?”

From £1,200.00 inc. VAT

Three, Six or 12-month intensive coaching

Engage 2x a month for 60-90 minutes (depending on your needs).

Receive unlimited email feedback and support between sessions.

Get professional support, accountability, and honest feedback about your progress and prognosis

In my coaching sessions you will:

  • Get a crystal clear understanding of what you need to feel fulfilled professionally and personally
  • Learn how to articulate those needs both verbally but also through your choices and daily actions
  • Get a clear process to identify needs as they shift throughout life

Gain strategies, tools and support:

  • To speak-up,
  • Improve self-confidence,
  • Increase assertiveness while bridging the gap with your male and female colleagues
  • Draw better boundaries in professional and personal relationships 
  • Show up the way you want to be seen

Work using a process that is in line with your values and personality, so that you can do more of what’s right for you and feel great about it.

From £3,600.00 inc. VAT
Sarah Ward-Kaye: CV & Personal Branding Specialist

About Sarah, CV & Personal Branding Specialist.

I am a CV & Personal Branding Specialist and Interview Coach who has worked across a number of different industry sectors including oil and gas, digital and traditional communications / marketing and public & investor relation spheres.

I have worked with hundreds of clients from start-up Entrepreneurs, Analysts and Finance Managers through to Heads of Compliance, CEO, Partners, Executive and Non-Executive Directors; utilising well-developed listening and writing skills to create their compelling personal brand. I am passionate about supporting the development of career strategies, coaching and aiding clients to understand their skills and experiences, combining proven methodologies to best convey career goals and attributes in today’s competitive recruitment market.

As your Writer and Coach, I will challenge and support you, push you and champion you, I will hold you accountable and provide you with optimum strategies to succeed. I will help you envisage your future and provide you with the tools to realise this.

My areas of expertise are: CV Writing; Personal Branding; LinkedIn Profiles; Cover Letters; Interview Coaching; Accountability and Leadership; Confidence Strategies; People Management, Team Leadership, Coaching/Mentoring.

**Please note, a £25 fee will be actioned should you fail to attend, or request a reschedule an appointment without 48-hours notice. Next Level CVs additionally reserves the right to action this fee should the pre-consultation process fail to be adhered with, resulting in the rescheduling of an appointment.**

Introductory call with Sarah

Introductory call – 20 minutes, FREE

An introductory call to discuss career aspirations, current role, brief career summary and an overview of how I will support you in achieving your professional goals, including chronological vs competency/skills based.


Bronze Package

This package is suitable for those wishing to take a small step up in their career development. We will discuss the target role, how you best demonstrate your capability and competency.

You will be given the option to review your CV and provide any comments for 1 free revision. Additional revisions are chargeable.

Package includes:

  • CV preparation guide
  • Access to me for 1-hour via telephone/Skype and limited access by email
  • A professionally written CV
  • A LinkedIn Profile to combine your powerful personal branding collateral
From £190.00 inc. VAT

Silver Package

This package delves deeper into your career aspirations and notable achievements, defining your unique selling points and demonstrable leadership capabilities.

You will be given the option to review your CV and provide any comments for 2 free revisions. Additional revisions are chargeable.

Package includes:

  • CV preparation guide
  • Access to me for 1.5 hours via telephone/Skype and limited access by email
  • A professionally written CV
  • A LinkedIn Profile to combine your powerful personal branding collateral
From £240.00 inc. VAT

Gold Package

This package provides more access to your dedicated Writer; discussing and strategizing to future-proof your documentations, defining your personal brand and identifying strengths and areas of improvement.

You will be given the option to review your CV and provide any comments for 3 free revisions. Additional revisions are chargeable.

Package includes:

  • CV preparation guide
  • Access to me for 2-hours via telephone/Skype and limited access by email
  • A professionally written CV
  • A LinkedIn Profile to combine your powerful personal branding collateral
From £260.00 inc. VAT

Platinum Package

Our most popular package for dedicated job-seekers. This package combines all the skills in packages 1-3, with a 2-hour deep-dive consultation call to extract relevant raw data, challenging and supporting to ensure the best “you” is demonstrated upon your branding collateral.  This package also includes a non-specific cover letter giving you the option to adapt to target specific employment opportunities.

You will also receive a free 15-minute call to discuss any revisions and have unlimited email access to me to discuss any aspects of your personal branding documentation.

You will be given the option to review your CV and provide any comments for 3 free revisions. Additional revisions are chargeable.

Package includes:

  • CV preparation guide
  • Access to me for 2-hours via telephone/Skype and limited access by email
  • A professionally written CV
  • A LinkedIn Profile to combine your powerful personal branding collateral
  • A non-specific Cover Letter
From £300.00 inc. VAT

Additional Revisions

Additional revisions are charged per hour. 

From £30.00 inc. VAT

Interview Coaching

Your well-crafted, strong and professional CV addressed all the skills and experience in the job vacancy and secured you that interview – congratulations!

Is your heart racing?

Are your thoughts jumbled?

Are you stumbling to remember relevant tangible achievements?

Interviews are daunting!

Through undertaking a 1:1 Interview Coaching session, we will eradicate all of these uncomfortable feelings. Working together, I will support and challenge you, aiding you to explore different possibilities and “think outside of the box” to ensure you interview with confidence and conviction.

Each interview is tailored to you and your individual circumstances, combining strength and competency-based interview techniques to gain clarity on areas for improvement, exuding more confidence to help you stand out from the competition. These intensive sessions are used to enhance your ongoing professional development

During our session, we will discuss techniques that will give you the confidence to:

  • Structure and interpret questions
  • Answer with competency-based achievements to substantiate your answers
  • Stop rambling and answer with clarity
  • Champion and “own’ your successions
  • Use your voice to sound positive, confident and energetic.

We are able to coach via telephone and Skype; and for an additional fee, utilise innovative technology to provide a mock interview, providing verbal feedback as well as a transcript for you to utilise and have continual access to transform your delivery.

I am also able to provide you with a bio on your target organisation, outlining relevant department/organisation structure, appropriate key players/interviewers, company updates, significant and applicable media coverage plus other high-level data to enable you to feel prepared and confident. 

From £180.00 inc. VAT
Zoë Copley – enhancing clarity, impact and wellbeing

Zoë Copley – enhancing clarity, impact and wellbeing

Focussing on mindset and purpose, I draw on the tenets of positive psychology and transactional analysis, to help clients identify and play to their strengths. I work with clients to facilitate awareness of  the way they see and describe their roles and goals; thereby unlocking the clarity and confidence to plan for and embrace the future they seek.

My role is to enable clients to develop and own strategies and solutions that allow them to address both immediate and long term goals. Drawing on a background in legal, professional and financial services and many years working with clients to address communication challenges, I bring a passion for inclusive leadership, psychological safety and helping women unlock their full potential.

Introductory Call with Zoë Copley

We can arrange a time that suits you for a free introductory call with me, to chat through how I can support you and find out what's going on in your life...

Alpha Challengers enjoy 20% reduction on all 3 session package bookings


Zoë Copley - One off situational coaching

A 90 minute session to help clarify immediate goals or overcome a specific issue or obstacle.

Focussing on mindset, what you can control and your key needs and strengths, a one-off session can assist you to unlock your creativity, gain fresh perspective and harness your best self. Situational coaching can be of great benefit ahead of job interviews, performance reviews, sales pitches or when faced with a discrete issue at work or home.

From £480.00 inc. VAT

Zoë Copley - One to One Packages

Lean in and move up – embrace challenge, bridge gaps, plan for progression 1-1 session. 

Packages of 3 sessions focussed on specific themes and arranged over a period best suited to you are an ideal way of working on confidence or visibility issues or challenges of a more substantive nature. They can also unlock fresh ideas and help restore equilibrium when you just feel the need to focus on yourself, reconnect with you purpose or plan for a future of your making.

While coaching remains inherently flexible, the thematic packages below can facilitate meaningful change:

  • Lean in and move up – embrace challenge, bridge gaps, plan for progression. 
  • Get out of your way – overcome self-doubt and “imposter syndrome”, play to your strengths, develop a growth mindset.
  • Be seen, be heard – enhance visibility, impact and voice.
  • Break free – find your purpose, embrace career (and life) pivots, adjust to change.
  • Me First – self-care, refuel and balance.

Small Group/Pairs coaching packages can be tailored on request

From £1,000.00 inc. VAT