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Life at arms’ length

Life at arms’ length

Rhian Bowler / 07 Dec 2017

Rhian Bowler, the E2W career coach, asks whether you want to live your life at arms’ length or be proactive?  

Life at arms’ length

Many of you will know I listen to Radio 2 on my way to work after dropping the children to school.  Last week’s ‘Pause for Thought’ talked about using a selfie stick to avoid the need to talk to strangers and ask for help.  The stick enables you to remain in control of the picture (as much as you can at arms’ length), and avoid the embarrassment of approaching a stranger and asking for help! 

Later in the week, a family member contacted me asking for some career advice.  He is employed on the graduate programme of a leading IT consultancy, and not enjoying working on his own at a client site, remote from his peers.  He was feeling disconnected from his team, unsupported, lacking motivation and direction.  

I reached out to one of my network who had worked in a consulting environment who advised him to seek support from a manager in his company, and not give up if it wasn’t obvious who to approach.  He needed to understand what skills and experience he wanted to develop and find out about projects that would develop his profile and visibility.  All this, of course, required him to be resourceful, and talk to people to find the appropriate help and support. 

These situations, both happening within days of each other, reminded me of conversations I have had with many E2W members and young students looking to develop their careers, or feeling stuck.  

There is often a reticence to be proactive, and reach out for help.  Identifying who you need to talk to, and making the move can make a big difference to your personal situation.  Individuals are usually more than happy to help, if they can, and will remember when someone had helped them in their career. 

Taking time to work out who is in your support network and how to reach out for help is empowering and motivating.  Do you want to live your life at ‘arms’ length’, or grab it with both hands, and start making a difference?

If you would like support with developing your network, or coaching, please contact E2W Coach, Rhian Bowler

Rhian Bowler is the E2W career coach with many years’ experience of human resources and coaching at leading organisations.  She finds supporting individuals considering their options after school, identifying their first jobs, changing career paths, and returning to work after career breaks very rewarding.

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