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Do you know a young woman who could thrive in financial services? Nominate a student!

Do you know a young woman who could thrive in financial services? Nominate a student!

Mark.Freed / 07 Jul 2017

Is this your Daughter, Niece or Friend?  Is she interested in a career in Financial Services?

Do you know a young woman just starting her A Levels or International Baccalaureate? Has she shown any interest in going into financial services in the future? Or perhaps, like many students, has no idea what her future holds?

In June, E2W announced a programme in partnership with the CISI aimed at encouraging more young women in the financial services sector. As an education, mentorship and sponsorship programme we believe this is a great opportunity to provide female students with insight into the industry.

The CISI ‘Fundamentals of Financial Services’ qualification is designed for 16-19 year olds, and aims to develop essential basic knowledge required for working in financial services - giving them a head start when applying for jobs. Throughout the programme each will gain a broad overview of key parts of the industry: the types of banking, commonly used financial products, and an understanding of financial terminology.

Students will also have access to CISI career insight days, an E2W career coach, and be invited to attend some selected/special E2W events.

We have been delighted with the response to our earlier request for sponsors and mentors, and are now looking for our members to nominate young women to take part in the programme. This is a fantastic opportunity for young women interested in financial services to get a step-up and boost their CV. Or, for those who are uncertain about their future careers – perhaps this programme could be the decider for them to enter the industry!

At E2W, we are passionate about building the pipeline of strong female talent in financial services, and supporting women throughout their careers – networking, collaborating or assisting them in career moves.

To find out more or nominate a young woman please contact or email Tina at

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