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An Education, Sponsorship & Mentoring Programme in Partnership with the CISI

An Education, Sponsorship & Mentoring Programme in Partnership with the CISI

Mark.Freed / 15 Jun 2017

We can build successful support networks for women in financial services, but without a strong pipeline of young women entering and thriving in the industry – what’s the point?

Have you ever considered how we can introduce the financial services sector to young women, giving them the chance to enter an industry they may not have even thought of before, let alone understand?

E2W and the CISI are working together to launch a pilot programme in September to encourage more girls into financial services. Additionally, we aim to engage our community and our clients – acting as sponsors, mentors and role models for participants.

The programme involves taking a qualification aimed at introducing students to financial services. Would you be interested in sponsoring and mentoring a schoolgirl to take the CISI exam?

The CISI ‘Fundamentals of Financial Services’ qualification is designed for 16-19 year olds, and aims to develop essential basic knowledge required for working in financial services - giving them a head start when applying for jobs. Throughout the programme each will gain a broad overview of key parts of the industry: the types of banking, commonly used financial products, and an understanding of financial terminology.

Students will also have access to CISI career insight days, an E2W career coach, and be invited to attend some selected/special E2W events.

Providing students with fundamental knowledge of the industry is an important first step, but we believe that your input will make a real difference. As a mentor, you will provide insight into the sector, and guidance when taking the qualification. Your commitment will be to:

  • Cover the cost of the programme for the student - £150.00
  • An introductory meeting with the student in the workplace
  • 1 call per fortnight – providing motivation and mentoring
  • ½ day visit to your workplace and introduction to the business

E2W seeks to drive change within the industry, through working with both firms and our membership. We believe this is a great example of how we can do just that, and provide more opportunities for young women.

The cost for you to sponsor a  student is £150. Please contact for more details.  

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