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Working Parents and Carers - E2W/Men for Inclusion Subgroup

Working Parents and Carers - E2W/Men for Inclusion Subgroup

katie.robertson / 15 Nov 2023

After running a successful network and supportive community for many years, we have added in a few subgroups over the years, for people who are going through similar moments in their career; Senior Leaders, Alpha Challengers and individuals looking for new career opportunities to name a few. 

We have created a supportive group for members, who are facing similar experiences, challenges and success that come with being a working parent or care giver. This can be from negotiating your maternity/paternity leave, returning after a career break, navigating full time employment with caring responsibilities, experiencing the empty nest for the first time in many years and adjusting to a child being at University/Work. 

We know there is great power and comfort in a strong network, where you can share tips, seek advice and ask questions amongst a confidential and non-judgemental group.

 Some ideas we have around the format: 

  • Meet in London once a quarter for in person networking
  • Have an open forum Zoom call, where members discuss their experiences as a working parent/soon to be working parent
  • Guest speakers – similar format to the coffee break, with a focus on the effects of being a parent/carer in the workplace
  • WhatsApp group to share ideas, connect with one another and ask questions
  • Motivational stories – share positive stories from working parents

If you are interesting in joining this subgroup, please get in touch with - we'd be delighted to have you join us! 


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