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Women of The Square Mile

Women of The Square Mile

Mark.Freed / 28 Mar 2019

I am really looking forward to talking at Women of The Square Mile on the 15th May at Olympia.  Joining a line-up of other industry leaders like Dame Jayne-Anne Gadhia and E2W Member Monica Summerville.  As an E2W member you can get discount tickets by using the discount code E2W15 when you register for tickets. 

I am talking on a panel about being an ally, something I am probably well qualified in!!! 

Pride & Prejudice: Being an Ally

“I’m just not sure what I can do about it…”

“Listen, I’m not the one [insert discriminating behavior or state]! So what am I suppose to do?”

It’s hard to be part of a system that unconsciously yet actively holds people down.  When you’re part of the problem and don’t want to be…

Men often feel like the enemy.  It’s frustrating being faced with a problem you know you are party to, yet powerless to change on your own.

That’s where the concept of allyship comes in. Allyship is a way for men who feel powerless and/or part of the problem to step up and help women challenge discrimination at work. Allyship allows them to speak up and call out gender biased interactions when they witness them, and support the women who were already trying to challenge a broken system.

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