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Women Continuers – Delivering Value

Women Continuers – Delivering Value

Katie.Dix / 07 Aug 2019

Giving hundreds of talented people the opportunity to continue their careers at a time in their lives when they have other priorities to juggle, was the building block of E2W’s Business. For almost two decades, city institutions have relied on E2W's talented ‘continuers’ to deliver projects and business as usual processes – cost effectively and professionally. It is perhaps one of the most overlooked scalable talent pools in the sector. Here at E2W we have harnessed the potential of these people and they have become a core element of our outsourcing business.

Case Study:

Since the announcement of MiFID II, our client an issuer of LEI’s, was faced with a massive challenge. They would have to issue and provide support services for LEI's (Legal Entitiy Identifiers) on a vastly increased scale. 

With the deadline for entities to comply with MiFID II fast approaching, the volumes of applications for LEI's were set to peak in Q4 2017. Our client's existing team, already trying hard to cope with the existing volumes, would have to deliver to the same high standards with the massively increased volumes. Additional support was urgently needed.

Our clients had five priorities: 

  • Time: the resources needed to be in place and running in a matter of days.
  • Expertise: The team needed to be built up of people who could quickly grasp the minute details of the LEI process, that would be reliably delivered to a high standard.
  • Saleability: It was unsure where or when the volumes would peak. Resources needed to be turned up and down quickly.  
  • Trust: Our client needed experienced people who could be trusted to do the work and represent their brand. 
  • Cost: Margins were tight – there was not a blank cheque book.

Our client's team learnt about E2W through one of their colleagues, who has been working with E2W for almost a decade. We have a unique business model that delivered against the five priorites. We have built a unique talent pool of women (and men) who are looking for alternative ways to continue their careers in the City. Many of them also have other ‘life’ priorities, meaning they needed flexibility but would also work hard to achieve the clients aims. At E2W, we ticked all the boxes. 

The E2W LEI desk was up and running in a matter of days. The team chosen were trusted, knew the landscape and could represent the client.

The storm passed over without any major challenges. In fact, the client was inundated with compliments from customers about our team:

“I have honestly been so impressed by you. You have far exceeded my expectations and I cannot thank you enough for helping me get this through – you’re a real asset.“

“So, feedback about Molly: she is very congenial, very helpful, and a credit to your organisation. I should be grateful if you would kindly pass this on to her.”

“I spoke with one of your team this morning. She was incredibly helpful and really informative in respect of the questions I had. Genuinely a pleasure speaking with her, it’s a rare experience nowadays.” 

A year on and the E2W team have become a core part of the LEI delivery team for our client.  

If you have a small project or business as usual that could be delivered mostly remotely where expertise, time, cost and scalabitiy are core criteria along with a supplier and people you can trust – then please contact Charlie

We are hiring!

Have you experienced first-hand the personal frustrations of choosing between your career in financial services and being the type of parent you want to be? Or are you looking for an alternative to the commute?

E2W have a solution that removes some of the barriers and challenges of a ‘city’ career. We offer exciting and interesting work that draws on your experience in the industry. We offer flexible and agile working, with a family-friendly ethos, in an office environment close to your home in Kent. 

If you are interested in hearing more about this role, please get in touch with Charlie to discuss. 


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