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“With E2W’s support and guidance, I am delighted to be embarking on my next challenge.”

“With E2W’s support and guidance, I am delighted to be embarking on my next challenge.”

Katie.Dix / 02 Nov 2020

Member of E2W's community, Agnan Kessy has kindly shared feedback about her positive experience she has had with our recruitment team and securing her next role. We are proud to work with all the women in our community, like Agnan and wish her all the success with her new job.  

What I first noticed about E2W was their approach to recruitment differed greatly to the usual interaction I receive from head hunters and agencies. E2W being focussed on supporting women in their financial services careers understood me, my challenges and my fears about changing my job. Not only that because they only work with institutions who are committed to ensuring diverse talent can flourish I felt assured and safe in their hands.

Working with Robyn and Gemma really confirmed that E2W are a rare breed in the world of financial services recruitment. E2W do not just preach a certain ethos, but actually act on it. Gemma and Robyn took an active interest in my requirements, and walked me through the application process. It was clear they had a genuine interest in my goals. They listened to my thoughts, and coached through what can often be a difficult and stressful process. Gemma and Robyn kept in touch regularly with updates and to check in with me. With the level of initiative they took it truly felt like we were embarking on this endeavour as a team. I knew that regardless of the outcome of this particular application, E2W would continue to support me on my journey to finding a new career challenge. I highly commend the team and would recommend E2W to anyone, this is not a run of the mill recruitment firm it’s a haven of like-minded people who are genuinely invested in your career progression.

Robyn replies and tells the story of working with the client:

Thank you so much for sharing your story with our community Agnan.

We partnered with our client in early 2020 following a period of due diligence and on recommendation from members of our community who described them as a supportive employer committed to diversity. Our client appreciates that finding diverse talent, who ends up being the best for the person for the job, requires embedding a diverse recruitment strategy.

The client knew that this particular role would be hard to recruit diverse talent for due to its niche and new skillset requirement. In accordance with our agreement with the client, the role was released to us early in the process giving us time to identify and engage with diverse candidates. Due to our clients strong employer value proposition and the trust we have built up with our community, we were able to develop interest in the role and put forward a strong shortlist consisting of a number of candidates.

Agnan you have been a pleasure to work with and support. We look forward to following your journey as you take the next step in career.

If you would like the help of E2W in searching for your new role, please get in touch with Robyn Clarke and Gemma Rook, who would be delighted to support your career aspirations. You can search our open vacancies here


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