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Time to get serious: If diversity is a business imperative, treat it like one!

Time to get serious: If diversity is a business imperative, treat it like one!

Mark.Freed / 29 Oct 2019

The Diversity Project and PWC have recently issued a new report “Diversity and inclusion in investment management”

The report gives gender pay reporting praise for bringing the lack of diversity within the industry into sharp focus and added weight to the voices calling for faster change. However the report admits that despite all the evidence, all the commitment, all the good intentions, all the words, there is little evidence of progress. 

The report points out that the investment management sector was one of the five industry sectors reporting the biggest gender pay gaps in 2018. Worse still investment management was the only sector among these five who failed to record an overall improvement. 

Helena Morrissey described the findings in the report as “depressing and galvanising”.  

The report encouraged those in the industry to “be honest: tell it as it is”. So here goes! 

There is no lack of senior female talent in the industry. Investment Managers are generally not using the right strategies to source and attract the right female candidates for their open roles. Time and cost of hire or the ‘old boys club’ are the main blockers.   

The team at E2W are putting forward, on average, three great female candidates for every role we work on at management level and above, 80% of whom get interviews and a high proportion get hired - they are the best person for the job, team and firm. The solution is to embed E2W into your recruitment process and strategy.

We are setting the industry a simple and easy challenge, THE THREE ROLE CHALLENGE. If you are truly committed to diversity, if diversity is a business imperative, give us the opportunity to prove ourselves to you. All you have to do is release your next three senior level roles to us, when they are approved. Give us the opportunity to prove our capabilities and help you close the gap.  

Take the challenge and close the gap. Contact E2W


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