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The Power of Coaching

The Power of Coaching

Rhian Bowler / 29 Nov 2017

The Power of Coaching

Personal coaching brings many benefits, some expected, but many are a surprise to those experiencing coaching for the first time.  We often don’t know, what we don’t know!  This may sound crass or clunky, however many individuals who have undertaken personal coaching have been pleasantly surprised about the value and benefits of coaching, and hadn’t anticipated the breadth of changes it brings.

We are often our own worst enemies when it comes to investing both time and money for our own development and growth, regularly putting other colleagues and families before our own needs.

Working as a coach provides huge rewards and satisfaction.  Knowing the time spent together, reflecting, probing, acknowledging and challenging individuals to overcome personal challenges, recognise skills and strengths and see resulting levels of confidence, assertiveness and focus soar, gives me huge amounts of joy.

So what are the real benefits, and why should you consider coaching?

  • It enables you to have perspective, and great personal insights into aspects of your behaviour and performance you may not recognise
  • Enables you to be the best version of yourself as a person and leader
  • Unlocks potential and a deeper understanding about yourself – how you’re perceived, and where you can improve
  • Coaching holds up a mirror to your past and your future enabling you to recognise potential barriers to your progress
  • Good coaches will support, encourage and challenge you, often asking the difficult question colleagues may avoid
  • Enables you to achieve your personal strategic career goals and aspirations.

"My coaching sessions with Rhian gave me back the confidence and focus I needed to put my career back on track.  I had being in a role for 2 years that I wasn't enjoying and felt I wasn't adding any value to the role or the organisation.  My confidence had taken a real knock, working with Rhian helped me remember the roles in my career history that I enjoyed and had been really good at and to focus on those skills..  At the very beginning of our coaching relationship, out of the blue came 3 separate interviews in 3 companies, Rhian helped me prepare, reminded me that I have had extensive experience and could take on any of the roles and excel in them.   All the interviews went really well, I was confident, at ease and it came through, I was offered and accepted the role I really wanted.  As our coaching sessions continued, Rhian helped me to define my leadership style, made suggestions for my CV and LinkedIn profile to use in the future, but really the sessions gave me back the confidence to move forward in my career and realise that I can handle whatever comes next.

The sessions made a huge difference to me and I would happily recommend coaching with Rhian to everyone."

If you would more information about the E2W Coaching packages, please contact Rhian Bowler,, or telephone 01732 897733.  Details about the Coaching packages can also be found on our website, please click

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