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Support your personal network, build our community and, be rewarded by our job referral scheme.

Support your personal network, build our community and, be rewarded by our job referral scheme.

Katie.Dix / 19 Apr 2021

With the progress of the vaccination programme and the country slowly starting to leave lockdown, it’s perhaps not surprising that there’s a new spirit of optimism in the business world. We’re seeing this first-hand, as we’re being contacted about many more jobs now than we were even just a few months ago. We think this is a huge opportunity for us to increase the level of diversity in our industry, so we’re turning to our community to help us do it.

We know that all of our members have their own networks in the financial world. Your personal network will include people who are part of our community – and I hope you met some of them through us. However, there will also be colleagues and contacts we don’t know.

I think the pandemic has reminded everyone just how rewarding it can be to help other people, so we’d like to open up our job opportunities to give you a chance to help your network.

Perhaps there’s a potential candidate who you know is looking right now? They might be ‘open to work’, keen to make a change or just ready for the next step. Or maybe you know someone who is wasted in their current role – and one of our opportunities could give them the chance to make the most of their talents.

You’re welcome to give us their details and we can do the rest by dropping them a line on LinkedIn. However, if you’re willing to tell them about E2W and get their permission for us to contact them, we would be very grateful – and if they get the role, we will give you £500 as a thank you for taking the time to introduce us.

Please take a look at our current opportunities, where you can recommend someone in your network to an open vacancy or to have an introductory chat abour our recruitment services. 

Let’s expand the E2W community and build a more diverse financial industry together!

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