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Quick Fire Questions with Tina Freed

Quick Fire Questions with Tina Freed

Katie.Dix / 10 May 2019

We know that the E2W members are not one dimensional City working machines, but that they have lives outside of work, hobbies and top tips that they want to share. Our 'quick fire questions with...' has some serious questions about working in financial services and more fun ones so that we can demonstrate the many dimensions of a senior woman in finance. 

1. Your first ever job?

Selling honey ice-cream by the beach

2. Favourite Yoga pose?


3. Tell us about your very first job in the finance industry.

This role had a massive impact on my career and life decisions. I secured a role at the Birmingham Stock Exchange. The role was a junior client manager to support the recent opening of a new sales office, based outside London, to support the regional member firms, including banks, brokers, market makers, retail stockbrokers. A completely new world for me and wow, was I completely out of my depth!  My third day involved driving to Manchester for a Budget Day breakfast to be attended by the member firms I should get to know. With nerves threatening to take over and feeling unable to participate (or speak!), I remember walking into a room of 100 or so people and sensing anticipation, excitement and a buzz. With my mum’s words of ‘just smile and you’ll be fine’ in my head, I managed to speak to a few people, who were happy to talk and help me– of course they were! On the drive back, I realised what a steep learning curve I was on if I wanted to succeed in the industry, but I was also so excited and motivated (and I survived!). Over the next three years, I learnt an enormous amount about the financial services industry and the people who worked within it. I was promoted to Account Manager and responsible for selling the price feeds, news feeds, information services to the broking community/banks outside of London. My next promotion moved me to work in the London Stock Exchange.

4. During your career, has there been a time when you thought “Yes, I’ve made it!”?

Yes and I can name a few as I have always believed in celebrating all successes – they keep you going until the next one!  

“I made it” when I was relocated to London after my success in helping to build the regional office. I learnt a lot about imposter syndrome at this point but this however, drove me to work harder and therefore justify the recognition.

“I made it” when we rented our first office for E2W. Creating an environment where our staff were happy and delivering our services was a major milestone – as was a stationery cupboard.

 “I made it” when something that I have always believed in was recognised by our clients and the government - that gender parity is good for business – and we built a business because of it.

5. What are your thoughts on the next generation of women in finance?

Very positive. I hope the momentum that has been built, the support that is now offered will ensure that the next generation feel strong enough, and encouraged, to ‘ask the question’, ‘put their hands up’, ‘learn and articulate their value’ , ‘stand up and be counted’ and just go for it! There has been so much discussion about what is acceptable and what is not – I hope they are all motivated to keep upholding this thoughout their careers.

6. Do you really need to buy that?


7. Stay out late with the team or get to bed early?

Stay out late

8. Best way to unwind?

Music, Pottery, yoga and breakfast with girlfriends, weeding, walking

9. Best gift you’ve received?

My family

10. Best career advice you’ve received?

Focus on your strengths and learn from, don’t dwell on, mistakes. Focus on what you can do something about.

If you would like to contribute to our 'quick fire questions with...' please get in touch with Katie

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