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Quick fire Q&A with E2W member Abeera Magsi

Quick fire Q&A with E2W member Abeera Magsi

Katie.Dix / 11 Jul 2019

We know that the E2W members are not one dimensional City working machines, but that they have lives outside of work, hobbies and top tips that they want to share. Our 'quick fire questions with...' has some serious questions about working in financial services and more fun ones so that we can demonstrate the many dimensions of a senior woman in finance. 

1. What makes our mission meaningful to you?

The thing I like most about E2W limited is that you empower women and you celebrate them. You make them feel important and you are doing your best to make them heard. I feel, you are paving the way for women to find a path through which they can discover their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. Your mission allows women to challenge their own personal ideas of themselves and grow. I also love that you welcome men and women alike to your events as we all need to work together to achieve equality in the workplace.

2. Tell us about your very first job in the finance industry?

My very first job in the finance industry was with JDX Consulting. They provide bespoke, flexible resourcing solutions to financial services clients in areas of change management, remediation, technology and advisory projects. The company has a bright and vibrate culture. For my first project I was working at Barclays within their legal risk team reconciling all their ISDA agreements to date, it really was a very steep learning curve.

3. What has been the biggest challenge during your career and why? It could be one incident in particular or something more common in the industry, or even something to do with you and your development.

I think my biggest challenge in the industry has been that it is so competitive that I have not always had the chance to be able to do what I want to do. I come from a legal background and naturally I’m very drawn to compliance and really care about it but I have really found it hard to find myself a role in this field as the requirements are very specific.

4. What are your thoughts on the next generation of women in finance?

I think the next generation has so much information at their hands that they are much more aware of themselves and what they would like to do and that goes a long way to forming a good a career.

5. Work on the commute or catch up on TV?

If I need to finish something off, I would definitely take that time to do that otherwise I’m putting my noise cancelling headphones on and reading a book.

6. Mentor or be a mentee?

I’d like to be both. I think we learn all our lives and knowledge is best shared.

7. Best way to unwind?

A good book with a glass of champagne or prosecco. It’s a great combination for me.

8. Best gift you’ve received?

My parents got me a really big blackboard when I was 10 and I was the happiest kid ever and spent hours pretending to be a teacher. Pure delight.

9. Best career advice you’ve received?

Make yourself indispensable and don’t force yourself to be someone you’re not.

10. Your first ever job?

My first job was at a call centre. Back in the day they would give us ‘pseudonyms’ I was called Alice, I quite like that name!

If you would like to contribute to our 'quick fire questions with...' please get in touch with Katie


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