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Olga Anderson - Dress for the Position You Want, Act Like You Already Have It

Olga Anderson - Dress for the Position You Want, Act Like You Already Have It

Katie.Dix / 25 May 2021

Dress for the Position You Want, Act Like You Already Have It

Dressing for the position you want and acting like you already have it is the clear-cut method of making you a frontrunner for promotion. 

Navigating the world of business can be tough, especially when you’re holding out for a promotion or planning a career change. However unsure you might be, dressing for the position you want and acting like you already have it can seriously help to improve your self-esteem and ensure that you feel empowered at work. The best in the business know that self-assurance is infectious and seeing your conviction will only encourage others to place their own confidence in you.

Dressing the Part

Dressing for the job you want not only indicates your commitment to career progression, but can make you feel empowered in yourself, knowing that you are standing out from the monochrome glaze of the business world. Showing up to work in clothes that are infused with your personality and show you quite literally ‘mean business’ signals to others that you take pride in yourself and your job. A promotion opportunity is the best chance to express yourself, feel confident, and stand out against the rest of your competitors.

When you feel underdressed, or are overly aware of your outfit, it dictates how you feel about yourself. Knowing that your black pencil skirt is a little boring, or that your second-hand blouse is being held together with a safety pin at the collar, drags away from your focus on progression and instead clogs your mind with immovable details. When you know that you look polished and professional, it can allow you to take on a more productive and positive mindset at the office; ultimately it is one more thing to forget about, and one more thing to feel good about.

Dressing for the position you want means envisioning the kind of career you wish to make for yourself. It’s about having a strong plan and seeing yourself firmly within that strategy. In picturing this end goal, take note of how your dream businesswoman-self dresses and acts. The first step in the execution of your plan is to embody that woman from head to toe, and you’re halfway there.

Acting the Part

Dressing the part gives an external signal that you are confident in where you are going, and acting the part means you are demonstrating that you know how to get there. In order to act like you already have the position that you are chasing, you must step up and demonstrate the extent of your increasing potential. From being acutely organized to demonstrating outward dedication, it is sometimes the smallest tasks that make the biggest difference! 

When the time of promotion approaches, it is understandable that each boss will have an extra eye on their candidates, which you should view as the ultimate time to impress. You want them to know that you are unphased in the eye of a storm and are capable of taking on more responsibility. By going above and beyond at work, whilst showing the ease at which you take these actions in your stride, will go to show that you are ready.

Confidence is Key

Self-belief is therefore the crux of change. Dressing for the position you want and acting like you already have it gives the impression of someone who is well-equipped, attentive, and ready to implement positive action. It’s an opportunity to impress your boss and yourself, but more importantly, it’s a daily reminder that all your hard work is going towards a bigger career goal that could potentially change your life!

Olga Anderson is a bespoke and ready-to-wear womenswear designer. She specialises in clothing designed to empower her clients, and as of 2019, became a ‘Women Appreciating Women’ (WAW) Honorary Award winner. She runs her brand with the belief that “fashion and design should empower women”; working meticulously to encourage and celebrate women’s individuality, accomplishments and passion, both in and outside of their careers.

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