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Let’s not rush back to the old normal. Let’s make a new, new normal.

Let’s not rush back to the old normal. Let’s make a new, new normal.

Mark.Freed / 23 Apr 2020

Let’s not rush back to the old normal. Let’s make a new, new normal.

Against a tragic backdrop, the lockdown has taught us a thing or two about our old world and the new normal.

There are things we do not like:

  • Loss of physical contact with colleagues
  • Conversations at the coffee machine or over lunch
  • Feeling isolated
  • Are we being forgotten? Are we out of sight, out of mind?
  • Are we running new risks? Are our old controls as effective?

There are things we do like though:

  • Time: does anyone miss their hours spent commuting? That time can be spent with our loved ones
  • Being able to focus on the job at hand without interruption
  • Flexibility and efficiency. No need to book rooms, allow travelling time etc
  • Finally, the humanity and care we are showing for one another and our communities

After years of sometimes painfully slow erosion of  myths surrounding people’s ability to work from home, we now have a once in a lifetime opportunity to define a new new normal that take the whole organistion with us.  

An efficient, lower cost, effective and compliant way of working that is inclusive and more adept at embracing diversity.

Firms that take the initiative, adapt, and define a new, new normal will be able to retain and attract the best and more diverse talent. Firms embracing the new new normal will be a more attractive place for Millennials, Generation X and Women leading to more diverse teams.

When the lockdown is over let’s not rush back to the old – let’s make a new new normal.

Our Services

E2W bring industry, change and diversity practitioners together to help understand the ‘human’ challenges, and the risks and benefits of the old and new normal. So that recommendations can be made about what the template of a new, new normal might be.

What will you get?

This initiative will deliver a report collating the opinions, visions and desires of your colleagues on the best and worst aspects of the old and new ways of working.  What a new new normal will look like and our recommendations about next steps.

We will create this via:

  • An Online survey;
  • Online One to one interviews with a cross section of staff; and
  • Online group meetings.

The survey, interviews and workshops will focus on key people areas and include:

  • Working Practices
  • Visibility and Recognition
  • Culture
  • Talent / Attraction
  • Management and Accountability
  • Learning and Development

If you are interested in finding out more, then please contact Mark Freed

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