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Kat Hutchings: The difference between intention setting and goal setting.

Kat Hutchings: The difference between intention setting and goal setting.

Katie.Dix / 06 Jan 2020

What’s the difference between intention setting and goal setting? And why is it important? 

This is a great time of year to reflect and be playful and curious about what 2020 could have in store. 

In my experience goals are about deciding on a specific outcome and often creating sub goals or steps towards achieving that outcome. They tend to be binary- either you achieve them or you don’t.
They tend to require a push. A striving, driven kind of energy. Problem solving. Deadlines. Get it done.

Intentions are softer. They’re similar in the sense you create an outcome that you want. They require you’re even clearer on WHY you want it (even more so than goals).

Intentions leave space for the ‘how’ to materialise more through intuition and open-minded focus. This doesn’t mean sitting on your yoga mat expecting your outcome to materialise overnight, but it does mean being open to the multiple different ways you could achieve the outcome. There’s less insistence that it has to happen a certain way.

This has been radical for me personally. I’ve always been a goal setter, until 2019 when I thought why the hell not, I’ll try something different.

I’ve achieved more in business this year (progress, events, speaker invites, client impact) as a result. Because instead of dogmatically forcing momentumon one particular action, I’ve asked myself ‘what can I do today, that feels good, that could lead towards my outcome’.

It became more fun and less strivy.

It worked for me so I’m sharing it with you.

How to go about it? Ask yourself what outcomes you want in 2020 and what would be a fun small step towards them. Take the step and choose another Start with the self reflection questions, and then ask yourself what outcomes you want in 2020?

Gently pose the question now and then give yourself a couple of weeks off. No active thinking. You’ve planted the seed.

Just be open and notice when the quiet voice in your head (vs. the loud, opinionated one) shares ideas.

Can Kat help you with your intentions and aspirations for 2020? 

Kat Hutchings is a Leadership & Career Coach working with individuals like you to excel in your leadership role and achieve perfect-fit next career moves. Her background in Financial Services leadership roles, means she can identify with the challenges and opportunities you face. To enquire about Kat’s coaching programmes, please contact Katie Dix.


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