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Getting to know Becky E2W’s newest coaching partner

Getting to know Becky E2W’s newest coaching partner

Katie.Dix / 25 May 2022

We are delighted to introduce you to our newest coaching partner Becky. To introduce you to Becky and her coaching services, please read a Q&A interview below. If you would like to connect with Becky for free introductory conversation about how her coacing can support you, please get in touch with Katie or see her coaching packages here


Tell me about yourself...

Hi, I’m Becky and I’m so thrilled to be partnering with E2W and their cause having been a woman in the Financial Services industry for 20 years.  Professionally, I’m an experienced leader and a qualified solutions-focused coach passionate about helping women to navigate the highs and lows of their careers and life in general. 

Personally, I’m a mum of two with a love of lists, family and friends (not in that order!).  I enjoy playing tennis and netball, am a proud introvert and love creating one-on-one connections with people. 

What brought you to coaching?

I feel like I’ve come full-circle actually...when I left school I was hugely interested in psychology but everyone was doing degrees in psychology so I went for the less-popular Maths degree in order to increase my chances of getting a job when I graduated.  I then started in a career in Financial Services and never left!  I changed roles every couple of years until I reached Senior Leadership but it was then that things unravelled for me. 

Illness hit and the stress of a demanding Senior role, having two young children, the weight of expectation I put on myself and the diagnosis of an autoimmune condition and depression saw me facing burn out.  It was only when I took time to think and evaluate that I decided my current life wasn’t working for me and I realised what I loved to do.  What I enjoyed most in life was the one-to-one relationships I had, I realised that people frequently sought my help with life issues.....I had created coachees without even realising it.  So, I put my then 15 years of internal coaching experience to good use, became appropriately qualified and made the hugely exciting step into a completely different career!

What do you enjoy about coaching?

As I’ve said before, I love creating those one-on-one connections and I feel privileged to be let into my clients’ lives in this way.  One of my key strengths is responsibility, this means taking a deep ownership of everything I do and this includes my coaching.  I feel a deep responsibility to support my clients in reaching their goals by the end of our time together whether that goal is tangible or a feeling. 

I also love the completely honest, independent, non-judgemental stance I can take as a coach.  I believe there are very few people in our lives who can take this position.  Take the employee who goes to their boss with a personal issue.  Yes, a good leader will truly care about that person’s issue but they are also paid to have one eye on the business and the potential impact of that issue on the business, so will any support or advice from them be in your best interest? As a coach, I have no vested interest in a client’s life so I can truly listen and help reach an outcome that puts the client at the centre of the solution. This is a very unique role a coach can play.

You say you help women navigate the highs and lows of their career and lives in general, what highs and lows have you navigated?

My role as a mother is the most important one to me and this has been one of the great highs of my life together with managing a successful career at the same time.  I am proud of the leader I became, what I achieved in my financial services career and what I learnt about what it takes to perform as a woman in the workplace.

The lows for me would have to be experiencing illness, depression and complete burnout.  The feeling of guilt that I wasn’t performing in any area of my life was overwhelming and took a long period of reflection, coaching and a rebuild of life to overcome.  However, I am now very grateful to have gone through that experience as I am incredibly proud to have come out the other side.

What areas do you coach on?

The benefits of having more women in the workplace are well documented from increased profit margins to high levels of engagement.  However, the pandemic has seen more women leaving the workplace.  We need to reverse this trend in order to combat some of the systemic issues we find facing women in the workplace today from flexible working opportunities to embracing the unique talents of women.

My coaching helps women achieve at work while balancing their lives and prioritising themselves.  Women are incredibly busy with lots of balls to juggle so my coaching centres around giving women time out of their lives to stop, look up and make sure they’re going in the direction they want to. 

  • I am passionate about wellness and help countless women rebuild their lives after feeling overwhelmed and burnt out or find they are struggling with work/life balance
  • Throughout my career I have learnt so much about the key drivers of success for women in the workplace and I spend a lot of time coaching women on these whether it’s with the young women of today leaving school and university, whether you’re taking your first step on the leadership ladder or an experienced leader aspiring for the next level or just looking to gain more confidence in your role

I firmly believe that all women, no matter what level they are working at, should have access to a coach when needed to help navigate their lives, progress their career and make their own wellness a priority.

To introduce Becky to our members, she is offering 30% off her coaching fees to any E2W members who arrange a free ½ hour introductory talk in February. Please email Katie to be introduced to Beck, or request a conversation on our coaching page. 


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