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FCA Report: “Financial Services – senior jobs are still mostly for the boys”

FCA Report: “Financial Services – senior jobs are still mostly for the boys”

Mark.Freed / 13 Nov 2019

As we are preparing for our round table with Julia Hoggett, Director of Market Oversight at the FCA, we were interested to read a new report from the FCA. 

“Despite businesses facing ever greater scrutiny and criticism over gender diversity – with few industries more in the spotlight than financial services. But despite bold targets and high-profile initiatives, there have been only pockets of progress; senior levels of finance are nearly as male today as they were 15 years ago.”

“Overall then the picture is sobering: for all the rhetoric and conspicuous effort by some firms, the upper echelons of many financial services businesses remain as un-diverse today as back in 2005.”

The last few years have seen a major focus on gender diversity in financial services, with concerns that male dominated firms are inherently more risk-taking and that firms need to represent the society of consumers they serve.

Despite the scrutiny and public commitments to evolve, financial services have seen little, if any improvement in gender diversity.

The FCA’s research shows the proportion of women in approved person roles (typically more senior positions) is just 17% in UK financial services - almost unchanged since 2005.

Read the full report here -


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