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E2W Mentor Scheme - How we can help you? And how you can help us!

E2W Mentor Scheme - How we can help you? And how you can help us!

Katie.Dix / 29 Sep 2022

Can you help by volunteering to mentor an Alpha Challenger? Or are you an Alpha Challenger wanting the impartial advice and support of an E2W mentor? Please get in touch with me. 

Mentoring on a one-to-one basis is a unique opportunity to step outside of your normal circle of friends and colleagues and gain an intimate understanding of how the world looks through someone else’s eyes and life experiences. Do you remember a former manager, a coach or a teacher who gave you the best advice that changed the trajectory of your life? New perspectives could potentially lead to fresh ideas, and who knows where those new ideas could lead you in your career.

The E2W mentor agreement states the initial relationship will run for 6 months, with a check in from the E2W team to ensure everything is going well. How often you touch base is entirely up to the mentor and Alpha Challenger, whether this is once a week or once a month. You will respect the confidentiality of some topics you discuss, and aim to be open and honest with one another. This way, the mentor relationship will be rewarding and mutually beneficial to both parties. 

About Alpha Challengers:

Our Alpha Challengers work together to support each other in a wide range of areas, including personal development and industry knowledge. Where possible, each Alpha Challenger receives a mentor from the wider E2W community to provide them with expert guidance – plus they can offer their own mentoring in turn to young women at university wishing to enter the industry.

Please contact Katie for further information and to join our mentor scheme or to sign up as an Alpha Challenger. 

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