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E2W/Men for Inclusion - Treasury Select Committee Sexism in the City Enquiry

E2W/Men for Inclusion - Treasury Select Committee Sexism in the City Enquiry

katie.robertson / 18 Oct 2023

What a platform for E2W and Men for Inclusion to have yesterday! Mark Freed was invited to submit oral evidence to the Treasury Select Committee following their enquiry into Sexism in the City. 

Sexism in the workplace is a critical issue that impacts not only individuals but also the overall culture and effectiveness of organisations. This invitation reflects the importance of gender equality and diversity in the City, and I am eager to share the Lived Experiences of our E2W membership and how Men for Inclusion are working with Financial Services Firms to change culture, behaviours and values in firms.

We hope to inspire meaningful change and drive progress towards a more diverse and inclusive City.

We want to express my thanks to The Treasury Select Committee for this opportunity and also extend my appreciation to all the E2W Members for their help in submitting our written response.

It is through collective efforts, of both women and men, that we can address and combat sexism in the workplace and create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

Mark has expressed how he felt it was an honour and privilege to represent our communities. 

You can watch snippets of the recording over on LinkedIn:


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