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E2W member, Joy Mpofu: How to Gain Workwear ‘Clothing Confidence’

E2W member, Joy Mpofu: How to Gain Workwear ‘Clothing Confidence’

Tina.Freed / 08 Jun 2020

Our members are aware we support and champion women in our community within financial services, but also love to show our support to their side ventures and passions outside of the industry. E2W member, Joy Mpofu has recently joined our community and already has made a great impression, which we wanted to share with you all. Joy is a successful Director level professional at an Investment Bank, but has a flair for fashion and style. Please read below and follow Joy on her social media, @rufaro_styling 

Why E2W

I heard about E2W from a colleague at work, who encouraged me to join the community, for mentorship, learning and support from women in financial services. Having recently joined the membership, I am super excited to network with like-minded women, learn from different experiences and build my professional network. Since joining, I have felt supported from day one from Katie and Robyn.

How to Gain Workwear ‘Clothing Confidence’

About me

Born in Zimbabwe and growing up in the UK and Switzerland, my love of style and fashion has been consistent in keeping me confident everywhere I go.

Having completed a law degree and eight years in investment banking, I quickly realised that, for women in particular, what we wear in the corporate world can unfairly define who we are and what we can bring to a role before a word has even been spoken.

I have also witnessed first hand the wonderful feelings of confidence and empowerment that arise simply by having a workwear wardrobe that you love. It changes how you start your day, how you walk into a room.

For many of us it removes that all too common anxiety of what to wear and replaces it with far more positive emotions of satisfaction and confidence. Freeing up some mental space to breath, relax and project who you really are.

How to find workwear ‘clothing confidence’ (even in the virtual world)?

No dress comes with the label “suits all women”. It’s not just about buying stylish clothes, clothing confidence comes from buying the stylish clothes that work for you! Your body type, your lifestyle, your ambitions.

There is a quote by the American writer Gore Vidal, that I love and take into my professional workwear - "Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn."

Wearing a workwear item that isn’t matched to who you truly are can cause mental (and sometimes physical!) discomfort. But wearing an item that makes you feel amazing...well, we all know that feeling. That is the feeling I want to help women in a corporate world to have when they start their day, walk into the office, lead that important meeting or attend networking drinks.

Rufaro Styling

Which is why I started Rufaro Styling - focused on empowering corporate women through contemporary workwear whilst building a community of like-minded professionals.  As a businesswoman working in investment banking, I understand the nuances of the workplace and that how you present yourself can be a delicate dance. My mission is to provide the most personalised styling service available to help women achieve their goals both personally and professionally.

I want to understand who you are and your professional style needs and translate that into a wardrobe of adaptable outfits that compliment your lifestyle and ambitions. I understand how to use style as a medium to empower women and it is my genuine passion to see people grow in their confidence through style.

Personal style is about expression, communication, connection, and valuing yourself enough to reach your potential. The goal is to find a style that suits and represents you.

Keeping true to this ethos, I have maintained similar outfit choices both prior to and during lockdown. The meetings may be virtual, but how I am perceived is still real - albeit with some slight adjustments depending on my mood. I invested in the comfiest M&S straight leg joggers and typically match them with silk shirts and for the warmer weather - sleeveless wrap dresses.

To get contemporary workwear inspiration (both office and virtual), be part of the community or share your opinion, follow @rufaro_styling on Instagram.

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