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Contribute to a Women in Finance Roundtable Hosted by Nicky Morgan MP

Contribute to a Women in Finance Roundtable Hosted by Nicky Morgan MP

Mark.Freed / 12 Oct 2018

The Treasury Select Committee’s recent inquiry into Women in Finance identified recruitment practices as one of the key areas inhibiting the progression of women in the industry. We are delighted to announce that with a keen interest in the topic and to gain further insight Nicky Morgan MP, Chair of the Treasury Select Committee is hosting a roundtable of E2W Members  to hear their experiences.

Prior to the event we would like to capture bespoke feedback and recommendations with practical steps for addressing this issue and removing some of the barriers.  This feedback will be collated into a report that will be presented to Nicky at the event.  We value your views and experiences to contribute to this debate and ask that you answer the following questions:

  1. If you do things in the same old way using the same old methodologies, you get the same old results. So what needs to change?
  2. For most firms ‘reduced cost and shorter time to hire’ are top priorities for their inhouse and external recruiters.  How do these priorities conflict with a commitment to recruit more women? What needs to change in recruitment practices to support firms to meet their gender targets?  
  3. As a hiring manager how are you targeted, incentivised and supported to recruit more women? 
  4. What more can the Government do to accelerate change in the industry?

Many thanks for your time and consideration to this issue.  We really appreciate your contribution. Please email your responses to Mark Freed

 If you are an E2W Member you can apply to join the event via our registration page. 


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