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Can you help with our virtual coffee breaks?

Can you help with our virtual coffee breaks?

Katie.Dix / 15 Jul 2020

Every Wednesday at 12pm for the past 15 weeks, we have hosted our Virtual Coffee sessions. With the support of our brilliant coach Nikki Hinksman and community, we have shared some amazing content, from Denise Wilson OBE, Chief Exec. Hampton-Alexander Review to Peter Prescott a Wine specialist and Tingting Peng an E2W member and Yoga teacher. We have enjoyed producing interesting, insightful and engaging content for members of our community. 

Moving forward we are looking for volunteers to help us with content for our virtual coffee breaks. If you would like to suggest a topic of discussion or lead the session, please get in touch. Alternatively, if you have a friend or connection that you know of who would like to get involved, please contact Katie or and Mark.

To give you some inspiration, each coffee break moving forward will have a theme:

  • E2 Wealthier - Financial Planning and ensuring you are making the right decisons for your future
  • E2 Healthier - Sessions based around lifestyle; mind, body, relationship, cooking etc...
  • E2 Inspire - We are looking for E2W members to share their inspirational stories and journies with our community
  • E2 Passions - An opportunity to invite guests, or for you to share your passions and interests outside of Financial Services; books, hobbies, travel, charities, etc...

Please click here to view our upcoming and archived events. 


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