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Attention senior leaders! A tailored group coaching programme to develop your leadership

Attention senior leaders! A tailored group coaching programme to develop your leadership

katie.robertson / 09 Oct 2023

Attention senior leaders!

We are creating a Senior Leaders Circle for experienced women leaders who want to step into their next level of leadership.

This group coaching programme will cover areas like:

  • Who am I/ who do I want to be in my current or next leadership role – what can I leave behind, what can I bring forward and what new capability/ experiences do I want to create?
  • Better understanding what drives our behaviour and how to manage imposter thoughts or confidence gaps
  • Values-based leadership – navigating high profile roles with high pressure while still keeping a strong sense of self and ‘what I stand for’. Being in personal integrity while also leading congruently with company-wide messaging
  • Leading through change – re-setting a team vision, changing the structure/ roles, launching a new product/ service or transformation programme. All create a critical leadership moment to bring the team on the journey
  • Working strategically – taking a step back to think, reconnect with my own/ the organisations mission and prioritise team goals. Clearly communicate these with the team and invite conversation about what we need to stop working on.
  • Challenging difficult stakeholders – ways to create behaviour change amongst peers and key stakeholders to make working relationships easier and free up your teams to deliver
  • Flexible working – how to manage the gap between what organisations mandate or say they want (e.g. 3 days a week in the office) and the evolving needs of a diverse workforce. How to lead this with integrity.

The Circle will be facilitated by Executive Coach Kat Hutchings who will introduce a strategic theme for the month, bring useful models and techniques that create insight for the group and encourage the sharing of experience and ideas. At this level we know that you get more insight from peers and active discussion than training content. There will be opportunity for hot seat coaching on live challenges.

Criteria for participants:

  • Currently in a senior leadership role – in a financial services organisation this is likely to translate to a role title like Director, Head of, Senior Vice President or Managing Director   
  • Leaders who are or want to be change makers in their organisation and are working to create a positive long-term impact through their leadership
  • Care about and want to invest energy and time in their continued leadership development – potentially with a view to future C-suite roles

If you’re unsure whether this programme is a good fit for you please register - we’re happy to speak with you and help you decide. If you’re in an earlier stage of your leadership career we have different resources/ events that can support you instead. Please reach out to to discuss further. 

If this sounds like it could be a good fit for you, please register your interest with Katie and we’ll share further details with you ahead of registration opening in November.

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