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An E2W member shares her coaching success story.

An E2W member shares her coaching success story.

Katie.Dix / 02 May 2019

I’ve always had excellent friends and colleagues who have shared advice and tips in work. However, I found that I was stuck between good intentions and bad habits and wanted to change the cycle. I needed fresh input. I had recently signed up as an E2W member and an added benefit was an introductory conversation with a careers coach.

Katie from the E2W team introduced me to Nikki who conducted an initial conversation to identify how she could support me and she zoomed in on the obstacles to my career growth. In the session we mapped out my career path in the coming year: key relationships, the actions I would take and the tools and techniques that would support me.

Between our first and second session, an organisational change was announced which resulted in a new reporting line for me. I was unsettled and disheartened. Nikki advised that we spend the session preparing for the initial meeting with my new manager. We identified the key outcomes I wanted to achieve and rehearsed the conversation. By the end of the session, I was looking forward to a meeting that I had previously been dreading! The discussion went well, and set the tone for an excellent working relationship. Shortly afterwards, I was asked to lead the UK team.

I am now Global Head of the department, and Nikki’s advice remains invaluable. We meet every 4-6 weeks with each session targeted at a specific issue such as influencing skills, management, presentation etc.  Often, I will take away an article or book recommendation; always I take away a list of actions which we follow up on in next session. I can truly say that the coaching has been transformative - I wish I’d started 10 years ago! I have clarity on my own career path and I’m confident that I can manage any challenges ahead. And I’m enjoying my career more than ever. 

To find out more information about our coaching services, please get in touch with Katie

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