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Alpha Challengers - Building True Self Confidence

Alpha Challengers - Building True Self Confidence

Katie.Dix / 12 Feb 2020

Alpha Challengers - Building True Self Confidence

Confidence is one of the foundation stones to us being our most glorious and authentic selves. We know what it’s like when it’s there and we know how uncomfortable it can be when it leaves, but how can we develop a more consistent feeling of confidence?

As a 16 year old girl I was crippled with lack of confidence, unable to speak up and share my ideas, worried about the judgements other people were making of me, desperately wanting to be liked. Over the last 3 decades I have worked on building my confidence to a place of true self confidence, a confidence that is self-determined rather than dependant on what others perceive.

On the 27th of February, I will help you build strategies in unshakeable confidence so that you can get on with being your most glorious authentic self.

What we will cover:

  • Identifying what builds/breaks your confidence
  • Tuning into the Angels and dealing with the Demons
  • Looking your confident best 

Please contact Katie for further information. 

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