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A message from The Young Women’s Trust

A message from The Young Women’s Trust

Katie.Dix / 11 Feb 2020

The E2W community has been volunteering, fundraising, helping to raise awareness and of course donating to The Young Women's Trust. Many of our members have volunteered their time to help young women with their CV's and job applications, giving them support whilst they are in the process of actively applying and interviewing for new opportunities.

Thanks for giving these young women a bright start to 2020... 

“I was at a very low point not having any direction, a job I hated plus I felt rather alone in all of it. The CV feedback I got was phenomenal and left me feeling supported which is just what I needed. Will never stop recommending you guys.”

“I more than doubled my salary, took over as the breadwinner and more importantly - got the job of my dreams!!! You know the one you want when you're a little girl and someone asks "What do you want to be when you're big?" That one, that's the job I got. I couldn't recommend you more.”

"Without the support from Work It Out I think I would be doing the same uninspiring job wondering if there really was more to life - that sounds extreme but that's where I was at."

"Without this help I would not have any self-esteem, I never knew what to put in my CV as I never thought positive things about myself"

Thanks for all the amazing support you gave these young women!

Mark Freed will be embarking on a big challenge, where he will be cycling 500k across South East Asia, raising money for the Trust. Please follow his journey, get behind him and support The Young Women's Trust by donating.  

If you would like to volunteer your time, to support The Young Women's Trust, please contact or call 01732 897728. 


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