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The Power of “Why?”

The Power of “Why?”

Rhian Bowler / 12 Oct 2017

This week E2W leadership coach Rhian Bowler challenges you to ask “Why?”

Children don’t have a problem with asking why something happened, or why something is just as it is and as annoying as the incessant questioning may be, as adults, there is something for us to learn from this simple act.  During coaching, I often ask why particular decisions were made in a career, not just to help me become more aware of who you are but also to help you.  It’s a small question that opens big windows onto your thought processes, past successes and challenges and those viewpoints can help shape your future.

How often do we stop and reflect not just on the ‘what’ of a situation or experience, but the why?   Why did we enjoy it?  Why didn’t it go to plan?  Why didn’t I get the job?  As much as children ask questions, so might more junior members of staff which can sometimes be frustrating when you don’t necessarily have the answer or perhaps the time to explain. 

Stopping to reflect on ‘why’ can be uncomfortable and force us to consider information or emotions we don’t want to confront.  However, asking ‘why’ deepens our understanding and awareness, stimulating reflection and enhanced knowledge that can be applied to future decisions and actions. 

To understand the motivations of a candidate, interviewers will often ask the question, “Why this role?”, “Why this company?”.  Being able to articulate the drivers for your decision making enables others to realise a better sense of who you are, what motivates you, and can indicate how you would work in their organisation.   

By asking yourself “Why?” will inform you how to position your CV, your LinkedIn profile and what you articulate at interviews, or in the corridors at work in order to influence others on your strengths and skills.
This enhanced understanding enables us to talk more confidently, and position ourselves proactively for new opportunities.   Try asking ‘why’ this week, and see what happens!

Rhian Bowler, E2W Leadership Coach
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About Rhian
Working in the career development area has been a passion of Rhian’s for many years.  Combining her experience in HR and Careers Rhian has developed a wealth of knowledge and insights into supporting individuals at different stages of their careers as a HR professional and Career Coach.  


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