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Start to stop – a simple guide

Start to stop – a simple guide

Rhian Bowler / 30 Apr 2018

Why stopping can sometimes help your career.

We hear and read so much about starting new behaviours to improve our career but what about stopping limiting behaviours?  Rhian Bowler, E2W’s Career Coach offers some easy advice to help you to stop. 


Observing the discussions and outcomes at the vibrant E2W Front Office Event held at NatWest Markets last week, E2W Career Coach Rhian Bowler was struck by a clear action that was a popular theme – Stop! 

  • Stop – Talking: know when to stop talking.  Make your point, stop, and let it resonate in the room.  Less can be more effective
  • Stop – Apologising.  Be clear, direct, and don’t apologise for your view, or being present.
  • Stop – Holding yourself back; believe in yourself and take action, don’t wait for permission!
  • Stop – Letting your emotions get the better of you.  We had the graphic description ‘emotions exploding out of your eyeballs’ from Heather Watson, Head of Client Strategy, EMEA Equities, Barclays Investment Bank and it’s something we’ve covered before at E2W with the esteemed Fiona Murden presenting to our members.

There is a coaching tool that can support you wanting to stop and change certain limiting behaviours in the workplace, aptly called the Stop Tool!

  • You can use the Stop Tool at the beginning of the day to help you focus for the day ahead. 
  • Stop after each project and at the end of the day looking at what went well and learn from the things that didn’t go so well. 
  • The Stop Tool can also be used to think before you speak, and help you stop talking.
  • Use the Stop Tool when listening to what is being said, allowing the speaker to finish and hold your emotions in check to remain calm and clear.

If you’d like to start to stop, please contact the E2W Career Coach, or would like to know how coaching could help you progress your career, please contact Rhian, or call 01732 897733.

Rhian Bowler is the E2W Career Coach with many years’ experience of human resources and coaching at leading organisations. 

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