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Networking + learning = E2W Event

Networking + learning = E2W Event

Tina.Freed / 22 Feb 2018

In February, E2W has been supporting women with their careers in financial services by hosting more specific group events.  This month we hosted events for the Technology Team and Front Office Team.

We have been busy during February, collaborating with E2W members Helen Bevis of NICE Actimize and Camilla McKane of JP Morgan Asset Management to host some interesting and thought provoking events.  Thank you to both Helen and Camilla for their time and efforts.  

Technology Team Event – Behavioural Analytics

Helen hosted the Technology Team event at NICE Actimize treating us to a discussion on Behavioural Analytics, over a few evening drinks and friendly conversation.

Behavioural analytics has been around for many years especially in marketing and crime investigation.  “Regulation has been a key driver in ensuring companies have a vested interest in understanding their employees better,” explained Helen.  

By collecting data about employees, the times they work, who they email, talk to, can show ‘normal’ patterns of behaviour.  However, it will also show when abnormal behaviour is evident, prompting potential analysis of that behaviour, especially if this has led to gains for the individual: for example, a trader changing normal working patterns, liaising with new people, and achieving new successful trades.  Internet retail companies use this technology to view our ‘human digital footprint’, what we are searching, buying, leading to ‘pop ups’ to tempt us to buy.

Compliance, Front Office and HR are starting to pay attention to the types of data that companies are collecting to identify and analyse behaviours of its staff.

What about Technology?

“There has been a massive expansion of big data implantation into the industry, launching key projects to clean up data quality across banks. The more we learn about the data we have, the more we can control and advance our decision making capabilities,” Helen acknowledged.

But, the right skills to use the data are needed and there is a huge shortage of data scientists.  ‘Britain is expected to create an average of 56,000 big data jobs a year until 2020.’ (The Guardian, 2015).  At the end of the day, data will only give you so much information; you need to have the human interpretation to make it work in the workplace. 

Front Office Team Event – Breaking Down Barriers

Meanwhile in another part of the City, the E2W Front Office Team met.  Hosted by Camilla McKane at JPMorgan Asset Management’s office, the event attracted members at varying stages of their careers.

The topic ‘Breaking Down Barriers’, created a lively debate: some interesting and varied experiences were shared with the group. 

“It was fantastic to experience the support and advice given by the senior women in the room and see the networking and friendships that were created,” says Mark Freed who was facilitating the event for E2W.

Some key takeaways were: 

  • Build, support and use your network 
  • Have a plan – where do you want to be in 5 years’ time?
  • Don’t be afraid to ask and when you do, do it positively.
  • There are enough barriers for women in financial organisations, don’t build your own barriers to success as well. 


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The E2W career coach, Rhian Bowler, attended the Technology Team event.  Rhian has many years’ experience of human resources and coaching at leading organisations.  She is passionate about supporting individuals during all stages of their career, making informed career choices to achieve their goals.  

The E2W CEO, Mark Freed attended the Front Office Team event.  Mark set up E2W with Tina twenty years ago to address the issue of gender diversity.  He is passionate about gender parity and encourages more men to join the campaign.  

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