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If diversity is important in permanent teams, is it also important in consultancy teams?

If diversity is important in permanent teams, is it also important in consultancy teams?

Tina.Freed / 21 Dec 2015

A Bersin report from Deloitte ( ) carried out a survey of 454 Global 2000 organisations. The research found that only 10% of organisation had a clear talent strategy and discovered the benefits of a positive workplace culture are significant. Bersins research shows that the companies who had an inclusive talent management strategy benefited from the following:

  • 3 times higher cash flow per employee over a three-year period.
  • The smaller companies had 13 times higher mean cash flow from operations.
  • 8 times more likely to be change-ready and 1.7 times more likely to be innovation leaders in their market.
  • 8 times more likely to be able to coach people for improved performance, 3.6 times more able to deal with personnel performance problems, and 2.9 times more likely to identify and build leaders.


Diversity in Consultancy Firms

If diversity is important in permanent teams, then it is also important in consultancy teams that are retained to undertake business critical projects. Deloitte, like most consultancies, do not appear to be practicing what they are preaching when it comes to diversity. Take a look at their gender stats:-


Gender Balance in Consultancy teams brings a number of benefits:-

Most leading Financial Institutions recognise that a diverse and inclusive workplace is an important element to success and have invested heavily in attracting, promoting and retaining women. Ensuring gender diversity in consultancy is just as important, particularly when this significant talented resource pool, often implements significant changes within major banks.

If you are looking to derive the benefits of gender diversity within your consultancy and contracting teams E2W have an answer – supplement the resources provided by your traditional suppliers with those from E2W.

E2W’s team are predominantly women with an average of 12 years’ experience of working for major financial institutions in front, middle and back office, compliance, regulatory and risk functions.




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