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Goldman Sachs want male allies to step forward…

Goldman Sachs want male allies to step forward…

Katie.Dix / 10 Mar 2020

Male Allies 

We've commented for a long time now, on the importance of male allies. You can read a blog we have previously published here

The Financial Times has reported one of the most senior executives at Goldman Sachs, Gregg Lemkau, is among a growing number of male leaders to step forward as “allies”. The move is part of the banking industry’s strategy to improve gender representation across the sector.

The Financial times reported that, Goldman has just started offering their male colleagues, 20 weeks paid paternity leave. “I’m desperate for a senior executive to do it,” says Mr Lemkau. Greg Lemkau believes the policy is beneficial in changing attitudes, because even thinking about it encourages men, who believe they couldn't possibly take that amount of time off work, to understand and imagine what their female colleagues face when going on maternity leave.

We know this good step in the right direction will not solve the bigger problem of gender diversity in Financial Services. There is a lot more that can be done, such as men supporting the hiring and mentoring of women in the organisation and changing behaviours such as 'the old boys club' mentality which Mark Freed has often commented on. 

We'd love to hear your thoughts on how organisations can take positive steps to supporting and promoting women into senior positions. Can you see a positive change in attitudes in your organisation? Please get in touch, we'd love to chat 01732 897722.

You can read the full and origional article here

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