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E2W candidates are, more often than not, the best person for the job and team!

E2W candidates are, more often than not, the best person for the job and team!

Mark.Freed / 14 Aug 2019

I read a great article last week by Sallie Krawcheck, the CEO and co-founder of Ellevest. Sallie had been asked, whilst on a conference panel, the question “Knowing that diversity is a desirable objective, if you have two candidates for a board role and the white male is the “better” candidate, which one should you choose?”

Sallie went on to argue that the question was wrong and concluded that “the power of diversity comes from solving the riddle of how to put together the better team, not just picking people who (we have been socialized to believe) are “better.”

It was a great article, however it missed one vital point. For the vast majority of financial services firms, the scenario of having to choose between the best female and best male candidate is so very rare. Firms, at all levels of recruitment, are missing the best female talent and the opportunity to build a better team and better business because they are not investing in recruitment practices that seek out and attract the best female talent.

Firms who have partnered with E2W and implemented active diversity recruitment strategies, have found that E2W will more often than not source the best person for the job and the team – leaving traditional recruitment agencies and strategies in their wake.  

In our first quarter this year working with our partners we have:

  • Submitted at least three great female candidates for every role our partners have asked us to work on
  • 80% of those candidates have progressed passed first interview stage
  • In over half the vacancies we have worked on, our candidates have proven to be the best person for the job and team. 

There is no shortage of great female talent!

At E2W, we help our partners build better teams and better businesses. E2W helps our members find roles where they are supported in their career, enabled to fulfil their ambitions, succeed and flourish.


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