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E2W Advisory Board

E2W Advisory Board

Katie.Dix / 24 May 2019

We had a really great and inspiring evening a couple of weeks ago at the inaugural meeting of our E2W Advisory Board.

The advisory board is drawn from a cross section of our members, clients and supporters. All possess a passion for improving diversity in financial services and a commitment to helping E2W ensure we maximise our impact in that mission.

We discussed and considered a number of great suggestions including :

  • Creating a membership charter to outline how members can commit to supporting the E2W mission and actions
  • Increasing the range of services offered to members and clients
  • Extending the work we do to support women in entry level and lower management roles and help clients recruit them
  • The launch of our Alpha Candidate Platform 
  • Links to a charity

We would like to thank the members of the advisory board; 

Sandra Bimont - Senior Programme Manager 

David Ward - Senior Risk Manager 

Nick Dennes - Recruitment Partner RS 

Cynthia Sweeney Barnes - Managing Director Sales and Client management 

Lorraine Barnes - Director of Audit - Conduct & Compliance 

Carol Ward - COO 

Alicia Reyes - Head of EMEA 

Nidhi Nikum - Senior Manager 

Fiona Sainz - COO 

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