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Coaching through work situations

Coaching through work situations

Rhian Bowler / 06 Apr 2017


Have you ever faced a difficult work situation and wished you could turn to someone for help outside of the company?  Someone skilled to coach and support you through the critical time and find workable solutions?

Do any of these work situations sound familiar?

  • Have you been side-lined by a work colleague/s, and are regularly not invited to attend meetings?
  • You have an important presentation coming up and you have to nail it!  The only problem is you know you get nervous as soon as you walk into the room (and can usually hide it).  It’s time to develop personal strategies to ensure you succeed
  • There are undercurrents in your team impacting on their performance, and you need to sort it out
  • You are regularly undermined, ignored or interrupted at meetings and want to improve your presence (and confidence).

Many of these scenarios have been shared with me by clients seeking help to navigate the conflict they are experiencing at work, and finding personal solutions during the coaching session.  If you would like more information about the ‘Situational Coaching’ package, please email me for more information, or book your session here.

All the coaching packages can be viewed on our website

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