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Charlie Fox Introduces you to E2W’s Outsourcing Business.

Charlie Fox Introduces you to E2W’s Outsourcing Business.

Mark.Freed / 11 Apr 2019

Giving hundreds of talented people the opportunity to continue their careers at a time in their lives when they have other priorities to juggle was the building block of E2W’s Business.

For almost two decades, city institutions have relied on these E2W talented ‘continuers’ to deliver projects and business as usual processes – cost effectively and professionally. It is perhaps one of the most overlooked scalable talent pools in the sector. Here at E2W we have harnessed the potential of these people and they have become a core element of our outsourcing business.

Sometimes, outsourcing projects can be expensive and risky. Offshore options can create multiple problems – time zones, language, culture, accessibility – whilst suppliers closer to home may be expensive or simply not have the skills or experience required to undertake your projects. Our outsourcing services not only eliminate each of these challenges, but provide the best resources for the job by utilising the skills and experience available within our membership network

Our membership network boasts a community of highly skilled, experienced and professional women from the country’s leading financial institutions – and they’re ready to help you.

Outsourcing in this way provides an opportunity for many of our members who are looking for flexible and agile working that allows them to continue careers in an industry that they know and are passionate about, whilst enabling financial institutions to benefit from the expertise and experience they provide.

How Outsourcing with E2W can help financial institutions:

  • Cost – our outsourcing solutions are highly competitive and offer a new and exciting alternative for project-based work and business as usual. We can often reduce costs by as much as 50%.
  • Skill shortage – we harness unique talent that may otherwise have been lost to the industry.
  • Scalability/availability – the flexibility of our members means we can scale as needed.
  • Resources – our offices are deliberately located close to the key financial centres in New York, London and Singapore, and offer a full service working environment which is cost effective and convenient to our members.
  • Offshore alternative – partnering with E2W eliminates the challenges and risks associated with traditional offshore providers.

For more information, please contact Charlie or call on 01732 897725.

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