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Weekly Virtual Coffee Break – Tayo Salami and Mark Freed: Stuck at a crossroads

Weekly Virtual Coffee Break – Tayo Salami and Mark Freed: Stuck at a crossroads

Katie.Dix / 11 Aug 2020

Virtual coffee break: Standing at a crossroads

We had an inspirational talk this week for our virtual coffee break, with Business Transformation Specialist Tayo Salami. She is founder of Charisplan Consulting Limited, a business transformation firm that works with companies to increase their effectiveness and drive growth.

Tayo focused on one of the hardest decisions we all face; when we have to choose between staying on the path we’re on or taking a step into the unknown. Drawing on her own life experience, Tayo gave us examples of the times she made a big change in her life – and the benefits and challenges that came from it.

She then talked about the lessons she had for people looking to set up on their own, with ten tips for those thinking about making the jump.

  1. Have a plan. You need to think through your business model and its profitability. Don’t just rush in.
  2. Make sure you’ve done the four Ks. Know yourself, so you understand your strengths and weaknesses. Know your clients, so you can be certain there is a market out there. Know your competition and, finally, know your industry.
  3. Always be prepared and able to describe who you are and what you do in 30 seconds if someone asks.
  4. Make sure your business is registered and has the right insurance.
  5. Build relationships with people. The decision to buy starts with their view of you, before your service or product.
  6. Be open to collaborating with others. This can create new opportunities and help you get ahead.
  7. Take calculated risks to develop your business.
  8. Be willing to adapt what you do around your customers and their needs.
  9. When you need help, get it – and pay for it.
  10. Be patient. It won’t happen overnight.

As always, we finished with a fascinating discussion and some great questions from our attendees.

Please register for our next virtual coffee morning here.  

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