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We are changing a few things.

We are changing a few things.

Mark.Freed / 12 Nov 2020

We continue to listen.  We and many of our members have never been entirely happy with the membership area on our website.  We recognise its limitations and the challenges of making it a valuable tool for members to connect and reach out to each other and  for discussions to take place. So, we have decided to put it into retirement from the end of the year.  

In its place we are establishing a few linkedin groups.  These have the advantage of being on a platform that we all use, gives members the opportunity to connect and message each other as well posting interesting stories. Over the next few weeks you will be invited to join groups appropriate to you alternatively you can request to join by following the links.

We will have three listed groups:

E2W – Members –  For all Members 

E2W – Alpha Challengers – A  Group for Alpha Challengers  

E2W – Networking Group for Industry Leaders 

We will also have private and pop-up groups starting with E2W Walking and Talking for Mental Wellbeing  an E2W initiative that is being launched on our regular coffee break on 25th November.   

We will also be closing the current E2W Group

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