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Update from E2W member Alison Smith who is (virtually) walking from Land’s End to John O’Groats

Update from E2W member Alison Smith who is (virtually) walking from Land’s End to John O’Groats

Tina.Freed / 29 Mar 2021

On the 7th December we wrote a Blog about E2W member Alison Smith who is (virtually) walking from Land's End to John O'Groats. Now we want to share with you an update from Alison;

Well I’m pleased to report the march still goes on and a third of the way through this challenge year, I’ve reached 300 miles. The last couple of months has seen a few ups and downs with one particular week when I didn’t manage to add any mileage to my progress. The mental challenge of being, at one point, 5 days behind schedule meant I vowed to get out every day.  Thinking about how I’m supporting the great work of the Young Women’s Trust has been a real motivator.  

I’ve walked in snow and ice, watched incredible sunrises and now I’m happy to see the daffodils and first tree blossoms of the year. Lighter mornings are glorious too and I’ve found myself getting out of the house earlier and earlier. It’s a great start to the day and one that I’ll do anything to protect, even in the busiest weeks. 

I’m currently at Stafford and will soon venture through my native North West before journeying on through the wonderful scenery of the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District en route to Scotland.  All virtual, of course!

How to support E2W member, Alison:

Please follow the link to our Just Giving Page where you can show your support for Alison, and help Young Women's Trust continue to help young women, especially during this time. 

Whilst we dedicate ourselves to helping and supporting women, mostly at the top of the social and economic ladder, we are aware that there are women in our society without the advantages and privilege enjoyed by many.   

In April 2019 we were introduced to the Young Women’s Trust and were amazed at the work they do to help Young Women who are struggling to live on low or no pay, to get into work that is right for them. The Young Women’s Trust offers these women support similar to that we offer you, our members. The Young Women's Trust offers free coaching and personalised advice on job applications, conducts research, runs campaigns and works with young women to build confidence and advocate for fair financial futures.

You can also show your support by signing up to take part in the Royal Park's Half, on behalf of Young Women's Trust, together with E2W. Read more here

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