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TP ICAP Number Confidence Week - Virtual Panel Event

TP ICAP Number Confidence Week - Virtual Panel Event

Katie.Dix / 26 Oct 2020

TP ICAP is the founding partner for the inaugural Number Confidence Week, an event hosted by our charity partner National Numeracy, taking place on 2 – 6 November, with the aim of empowering people across the nation to become more confident with numbers to get on in life.

As part of the week, they will be hosting an online panel session for an audience of young women, on Tuesday 3 November at 12.45 – 1.45. Our session, Number Confidence and Careers in the City, will focus on number confidence in young women and is a chance for the audience to learn and engage with our panel of experts to help them break down barriers, such as confidence, in getting the career they want. This panel session will be an opportunity for young women to hear from some inspirational women, each with a unique pathway, about their careers in the City, and how to overcome the lack of confidence with numbers which can be a barrier to them thinking the City is a place for them.

Hosted by TV personality and maths teacher Bobby Seagull, the session will focus on why some women lack confidence with numbers and what can be done to build up skills and overcome barriers. Panellists will share what they love about their jobs, the variety of careers possible in financial services and why more women should think about joining.  

Participants will have the chance to ask any questions about working in financial services and building number confidence. Does working with numbers in a job worry them? Have they considered financial services as a career? If not, why not? Our panellists are eager to answer!

However they feel about numbers, they are not alone. Some 78% of young British women said they would not consider a career in financial services, with 43% citing a lack of confidence using numbers as a reason. We think this needs to change and this panel – part of Number Confidence Week - aims to show how we can all boost our number confidence and build our skills to go for the jobs we want.  

Alongside host Bobby Seagull, E2W member Rhiannon Wakefield, Head of Client Relationship Management, Global Broking, TP ICAP will be on the panel, together with:

  • Claer Barrett, Consumer Editor, Financial Times.       
  • Enid Lau, Product Manager, Hargreaves Lansdown           
  • Danielle Orme, Broker, TP ICAP
  • Susan Allen, CEO Retail & Business Banking and Executive Director, Santander
  • Kirti Mehta, Project Lead, The Hampton Alexander Review

Please register here: https://zoom.us/j/93769076645?pwd=ZjZYN3VZWUtwbXppeWFJeUlPcFdtQT09   

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