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Today we are celebrating.

Today we are celebrating.

Mark.Freed / 27 Mar 2017

Today we are celebrating. For almost twenty years Tina and Mark Freed have committed their time and business to supporting women in their financial services careers. Six months ago we took a new turn with the launch of our talent solutions and women’s network businesses.   So why are we celebrating? We have met all our targets:-

Network Size: Today we reach out on a weekly basis to over 7,000 women offering them help, support and guidance in their careers.  We give them access to career opportunities in firms committed to being great places for women to work.  We offer our non-members ad hoc access to career coaches and have held a number of events for them.  To join the network, please register with us here 

Membership: Our members of the E2W Women’s group are getting that additional support and help that they need to pursue their careers. Membership gives a number of privileges; access to, and support in applying for career opportunities, and because we know you,  we will also actively promote you within the firms we are working with, in addition to more coaching and careers advice, networking and events.  Join them here  

Career Opportunities: Today we are working successfully with 15 major financial institutions in London to help them recruit and retain more women.     If you want to recruit more women - Find out how by emailing Mark.

We set out to become the go-to place for women in financial services and for financial insituions to claim to the gender dividend. We are getting there….

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