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The Three Role Challenge

The Three Role Challenge

Mark.Freed / 30 Oct 2019

About now many firms will be in the midst of preparing their commentary to accompany their gender pay gap reports.  

Most firms last year used the excuse of lack of female talent. This is something we at E2W find hard to believe. We have an abundance of great female talent, looking for their next career move in the industry. In fact, our challenge is the opposite - we have more great female candidates than roles to work on.

So we have a challenge for the industry...

Before you write about lack of qualified female talent in your gender pay gap report, let us prove that there are plenty. Release three senior level roles to us at the point they are approved and we will provide you with nine outstanding female candidates. Candidates who are likely to turn out to be the best person for the job, the team and firm.

Take the E2W “Three Role Challenge” and let us prove that there is an abundance of female talent in the industry.  

The team at E2W are putting forward, on average, three great female candidates for every role we work on at management level and above, 80% of whom get interviews and a high proportion get hired - they are the best person for the job, team and firm. The solution is to embed E2W into your recruitment process and strategy.

Please contact Mark Freed for more information. 


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