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The Personal Way to Raise Your Profile

The Personal Way to Raise Your Profile

Rhian Bowler / 29 Mar 2017

The Personal Way to Raise your Profile


Women do connect and develop relationships differently to the way businesses traditionally work.  Our different value set including sincerity, listening, real connections and respect point us to a more humane way to raise our profile and develop connections in the workplace.  John Lees, Career Author believes women want to build connections with people ‘like us’, who listen to our experiences, share advice and connect with others who can help.  This approach certainly resonates with me, rather than a competitive, extrovert way of networking and raising one’s profile.

Because women tend to focus on what they do well (their skills and knowledge), they often can’t describe their real value, the personal traits that have driven the success and achievements.  During our coaching conversations with senior women in Finance, we often hear what they have achieved, but when pushed to articulate the value, they often struggle to share how they have done well, the personal side of their story, their talents, gifts, emotional intelligence, attitudes.

Analysing your personal strengths, talents, attitudes, values enables you to grasp your true worth and value, what you offer at work, that others around you can see, but you don’t always believe in yourself.  Appreciating your skills and value should also enable you to push yourself out of your comfort zone, accept complements graciously rather than passing them off to other people, position your value succinctly when approached by senior executives and recognise when to step up to projects that will raise your profile.

Isn’t it time you stopped to make time to develop meaningful connections and discover your true professional brand and share it proudly?

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