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Sponsor Team E2W and Help the Young Women’s Trust

Sponsor Team E2W and Help the Young Women’s Trust

Katie.Dix / 15 Oct 2019

On the 9th of November 2019, the E2W team will be taking part in a 6k Commando Obstacle Course. This challenge comprises of 24 of the toughest obstacles, straight out of the Commando test book. The course is the only event that can recreate the mud, sweat and pain of modern day Royal Marines Commando training!


Mark, Katie, Robyn, Gemma, Charlie and Kate from the E2W team and their friends and family, have volunteered to take part in this challenge to raise as much money as possible for E2W's nominated charity The Young Women's Trust.

In April 2019 we were introduced to The Young Women’s Trust and were amazed at the work they do to help Young Women who are struggling to live on low or no pay, to get into work that is right for them. The Young Women’s Trust offers these women support similar to that we offer you, our members. The Young Women's Trust offers free coaching and personalised advice on job applications, conducts research, runs campaigns and works with young women to build confidence and advocate for fair financial futures.

How you can get involved!

Please sponsor and help us raise as much money as possible for this amazing cause. Every pound you donate makes a difference to the lives of the young women, supported by this charity.  

Robyn and Kate from the team are avid runners, often taking part in half and full marathons, so come with great experience to take on this course. Katie, Charlie, Gemma and Mark....well I'm sure you wish them luck!

Mark won't let you forget he is in fact a Guinness World Record Holder for a Water Polo challenge. Unfortunately, his record breaking won't come in handy here!

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