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Sponsor E2W’s Sarah, who will be trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro in support of The Young Women’s Trust

Sponsor E2W’s Sarah, who will be trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro in support of The Young Women’s Trust

Katie.Dix / 09 Sep 2019

The Young Women's Trust: Donate Now

I am raising money for the Young Women's Trust because not everyone gets the same opportunities in life and for some young women right now life is tough. In fact, there are over 1 million young women across the country, many of whom are really struggling, because they are out of work or trapped in a low paid job.

Many can’t make ends meet at the end of the month, and they are constantly worried about money and their future – which is having a major impact on their health and well-being. On top of this, as young women, they face discrimination, harassment and inequality in the workplace which makes life even harder.

That’s why the work of the Young Women’s Trust is so important, because they provide support to help young women to build their confidence, broaden their expectations and find work.

About Sarah and why she is taking on this challenge

Sarah has been partnerning with E2W because our values are very well aligned. Sarah's company, Women Who Count, specialises in providing bookkeeping and payroll services to individuals, partnerships and limited companies.

"I love a challenge and more importantly I love being the person the other side of a challenge. So when I was asked to join an extreme Business Leadership and Development programme, climbing Kilimanjaro, how could I say no!

I have taken part in several major challenges, more recently the London Marathon and a Charity Horse Race at Newbury. Each time I have learnt something valuable about myself, which I can apply to both my personal and professional life. I expect there will be a new lesson to learn this time too.

I have been asked (many times) why I signed up to this trip and my simple answer is because I want to grow my own business and to do that I believe I need to stretch myself personally. I have worked with many business owners over the years and I hold the opinion that a business can only grow to the extent of the business owner’s imagination. If the vision is big then the size, profitability and impact of the business will reflect this. Sadly the same is true in reverse.

I’m lucky enough to have an amazing team that work with me and I want to inspire them to believe anything is possible too because I need everyone to be aligned with my principles of growth. We have a culture of personal development built into the company and I expect members of staff to engage. For example, we all decided to the run the Brighton Half marathon this year even though no one had done this before. It was a hugely rewarding day and the vibe in the office was simply contagious afterwards with clients and friends caught up in the achievement. It is truly amazing watching people grow in confidence.

So my question to you, is what are you going to do to push yourself? My examples are quite extreme but the principles are important. You can set yourself a target to finish that book you started reading or pick an action to complete this month which will take your business forward, and remember baby steps quickly add up.

Another huge part of my trip is also a way of giving back, so I am raising money for the Young Women's Trust. They believe that all young women should have the opportunity to work and thrive. They support young women, especially those struggling to live on low or no pay, to get into work that is right for them. They do this by helping young women to feel more confident and ready for work and by challenging systemic and societal barriers that are holding young women back,"

I would be very grateful if you could sponsor me for this next challenge: Just Giving Page

You can also be involved by volunteering a few hours of your time per month to review and provide advice on CV’s, assist with job applications and give support to young women who are in the process of actively applying and interviewing for new opportunities. We want to put them in a position where they have the best possible chance of success. 

If you are able to spend a few hours a month, from home, viewing CV's and job applications on behalf of these young women, please contact Katie or follow the simple registration process.  


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